Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Oh my goodness, relief was at hand today when the cool change came through and it rained. Oh it was heaven on earth! Honestly I don't think I've slept through a hotter night. Sleep was not an operative word though, I got up this morning feeling like a wrung out dish towel. I was wrecked.

I got up in the early hours just to stand outside for a bit, but it was hotter outside than in. Crazy stuff.

But the world is against this house being painted. Finally it's cool enough to paint and Mike went to do some of the trim today and then it rained. We can't win.

Continuing on with my Christmas pages, here are just some of the my collection of santas. I do love everything Christmas, but Santas make me happy. I have such an eclectic collection in all shapes and sizes and every year when they come out and I sit them all round the house it just gives me the best feeling.



Credits here.

By the way, that first page above, the middle picture in the top, the little round santa, I actually painted him. I had a fabulous resin figurine that I got from a supplier and I painted and varnished him. So satisfying.

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Lynne said...

They are all very cute!

BTW, I finally started reading "the book" this week!