Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's a bit hard to post these photos, particularly after yesterday's happy photo of my girl. The operation went well, the lump was removed and her eyelid stitched back up. She's now very punch drunk, walking into furniture, walking like she has Herman Munster big feet. She's slept a lot of the time since getting home late this afternoon.

I did a lot of reiki on her before. Poo pooh it if you like, but even if she just feels the closeness of me sitting right alongside her on the floor with my hands on her, and that helps her, then it's done its job.

Here's a photo from last night, warts and all, the lump in all it's glory. You can see it had to come off, it was starting to interfere with her actual eye, rubbing on it.


And here she is from when she got home, my poor girl, a bit weepy and puffy, but I can already see the whole lump is gone.


Oh and just how big this collar is, and she has to wear it for two whole weeks!


Interesting how the animal world is. Usually if Molly is lying on the ground, Lucky will more often than not jump on her to get her to play, or start to groom her, which is one of our worries as he licks her face a lot. But he hasn't tonight. He's just laid there or had a sniff of her, then gives her a bit of a nudge on her side to let her know he's around and then heads off to do perimeter duty around the yard, then comes back in for a sit down. Almost like there's been a hand over, a changing of the guard, Lucky is now looking after Molly's role in the house, even if for this time of her convalescing.

But strangely enough, with all my anxiety today, a silver lining, two actually. My Project 365 book came from Shutterfly. I love it to pieces. And my new lens for my camera arrived, a Sony 50mm f1.4. Now I want time to play!


Sharon said...

Ohhhh, she looks soooo sad! Glad the op went well tho, and isn't it funny how Lucky seems to sense she needs some space? :)

esther_a said...

What a sad/happy post!! Molly certainly looks sad, but I'm betting she'll be much better even today! That is so exciting about your book and even MORE exciting about your lens. I want to see some amazing shots on flickr, OK?!

Calico said...

Thanks for the update! I was thinking about poor Molly today wondering how she was doing. Wow, that collar is big no wonder she was running into the walls...if you put one of those on me and put me on drugs, I'd do the same. Glad to hear Lucky is doing his part to help out!
Yay on the book and new lens!!