Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a night !

I was up and down all night last night. No, and not from coughing either.

At 2am Molly wanted to go out and started nudging me with her head from the side of the bed. Way to wake up, a bit of dog slobber will do it every time. So out she went. I went back to bed.

At 4am I woke up because the weather we'd been warned about happened. I could hear the wind blowing a gale, the rain was starting, it sounded horrible. So up I get, go to the back door, whistle, Molly comes racing in. I went back to bed.

By 4.05am Molly was anxious, pacing the floors, up and down the passageway, whinging and whining and at one stage she actually tried to jump up onto our bed. No, not going to happen my friend. So I get up and turn one of the lights on in the loungeroom so it wasn't pitch black dark. I went back to bed.

By 4.10am she was at it again, the lightening had started and a bit of thunder was rumbling around. Pace pace pace, whine whine whine. So I get up, take her into the loungeroom, grab the rug, settled her down and lay on the couch. I didn't go back to bed.

By 4.15am I hear rattle crash bang whollop, Molly had tried to hide under the coffee table to get away from the storm. Mind you it was the small end table which is half the size of her. I calm her down, the storm passes, the wind stops. I go back to bed.

By 5am Mike's pager went off. He's recently joined the SES and a tree had fallen over the highway. There was no use going back to sleep, I was wide awake by then. So I just lay there, trying to go back to sleep but not being successful.

By 6.30am I got up, the power had been out for over an hour, I had to boil water in the saucepan just to get a cup of coffee. Mind you by this stage I am tripping over my eyelids tired. I take one look at the menagerie, they are all layed out fast asleep. Arrrrgghh.

This day did not start well.

Onto the digi scrapping front, I recently had the opportunity to use some terrific papers of Sharon's called Summer Fizz. So very pretty and the dotty one reminded me of snow. Ah ha! I thought. I might do another one of the ABC animal pages I had done a couple of previously. How about one of those terrific zoo photos my brother had taken and sent me the CD of. I had some great pictures of a polar bear, so I might do P is for Polar Bear.

I was quite chuffed at the page I'd created and called Mike to have a look. He instantly said "you can't post that". WHAT?!?!? What does he know. Huh! What was wrong with it? The colours? The frames? The lay out? What pray tell do you know Mr. G about digi scrapping? I was getting a bit hoity toity with him to say the least. Until he told me the picture wasn't a polar bear.


Now I ask you, if I showed you this picture, would you think it was a polar bear? It's pale coloured, it's near water, I just figured it was a dirty polar bear. I think I was justified in my way of thinking.


Until Mike pointed out that the Bundy Bear is a polar bear. Then the penny dropped. So I had to do a quick whip around on the net to find an image that I could use, thank heavens for stock.xchng. So this was the end result after the great polar bear fiasco! ha Yes my "ah ha" moment was complete, I now saw the difference.


Credits here.

Before I go, Jodie of Organised Chaos very nicely bestowed on me the Premio Dardas award.

The award acknowledges the value every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literacy and personal values everyday. The rules are simple enough! They are: 1. Accept the award, post it in your blog together with the name of person who granted the award and a link to their blog. 2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment. Contact them to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Now I will be back on the weekend to pass the award on, after my early morning hijinks, I'm off to bed right now and I take these things seriously!

Thank you Jodie. I don't know how cultural I am, considering I didn't know the difference between the polar bear and the whatever other bear that was, but I do appreciate it.


esther_a said...

We had wild wind but no thunder. A rose bush decided to tap a hip on my ensuite window in the gale. Similar effect to a wining dog I suppose! But I did get a little more sleep than you... (must put rose pruning on my to-do list!).
And I can quite see how you ran with the polar/brown bear but now that I see the photos next to each other, hmmm.
Hope you have a good sleep tonight!

ksharonk said...

A bear is a bear is a bear, I say! ;)

Polly said...

I agree Bears are bears!!

Amandac said...

oh my Carol I'm still giggling! A dirty polar bear!!!! ROFLMAO! It's a great page what ever bear it is hun LOL

Sorry to hear about your bad night - I hope you get an afternoon nap maybe? HUGS!