Monday, April 13, 2009

Cough cough splutter splutter

Yes, I'm still coughing to the point of distraction. And my voice is sounding like the husky Demi Moore, except on a bad day! Either that or Rod Stewart's gargling with gravel sounding voice. I did however spend the whole night in bed last night, I didn't have to get up and cough my lungs out in the loungeroom, so thank heavens for small mercies. Although I did have to sit upright in bed all night, lots and lots of pillows. The minute I'm down flat I cough. Actually sitting upright here at the computer desk, I'm coughing too, so there doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason.

Easter long weekend is over, back to work tomorrow. It has kind of passed me by though, apart from the dawn service on Easter Sunday morning, I really haven't done much, just pottered and ... coughed! ha.

Catching you up with the Project 365 pages, I'm still on track. I'm quite astounded that I've kept it up. Although there are quite a few at Designer Digitals who are doing the Project also so we're kind of spurring each other on. Plus we get ideas from each other to keep the momentum of something new to snap.

I am pedantic, I had to finish March on one page and start April on a new double page! Is that a bit obsessive compulsive? I wonder.



Credits here.


Polly said...

Take care of yourself Carol, you poor thing. I love the pages you are such a talent.

Lynne said...

You must have been pleased to capture that moment in Mike's shed!

Another great layout!

Get well soon.