Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Man Disease

I think I mentioned a few posts back that Mike had gotten Man Disease. I say that in the nicest way. You know "are you really sick or are you man sick"? That's one of my stock questions if he's feeling poorly.

So today he's feeling better and my throat started feeling like razors, so I ended up not going to work today. I have been quite lethargic all day. Probably the weather hasn't helped, I'm sitting here with a fan on right now, it's very warm in the house. One day the fire is going, the next the fan is back on. Craziness.

So did you get caught today for April Fools? I wonder. I saw on the news all the cars in Melbourne that had been glad wrapped. It made me laugh, not because of the prank, but how come when I go to get some out of the cupboard I am always running out, and here's glad wrap in abundance.

Certainly time for bed for me right now. But before I go, one of my favourite photos I took at Miss B's Deb.


Credits here.


Victoria said...

So sorry to hear you are feeling poorly.

Michael gets upset when I talk about men having a different level of what is considered sickness to that of women. His argument does not sway me, though.

The girls are so lovely and the layout is divine!

The glad wrapping of the cars for pranks is a hoot.

Amandac said...

A yes man sick is the worst kind of illness known to mankind (apparently).

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly sweetie - rest up, drink lots of fluids and SLEEP!

That is a gorgeous page btw - I love that satiny pink ribbon! It's perfect!