Sunday, April 19, 2009

So much has happened

So much has happened since my last posting. Where do I start?

Lucky went missing on Friday morning. He's taken to using the cat flap during the day now, we still have the baby gate closed of a night so he can't get to the cat flap. But I got up on Friday, let him out, he'd been in and out a few times while I was getting ready for work. Mike went to feed him and asked "where's Lucky?" Outside I told him. Whistle. Call. No Lucky.

He'd found a little gap in the side fence and gone for a big adventure. I was beside myself, Mike ran up the street calling, I grabbed my car and headed the other way around our usual walking trails, hanging out the car window squeaking his squeaky toy, of course setting off every single dog in the neighbourhood, early on a Friday morning. I would have been popular I'm sure. No Lucky.

We searched for about 20 minutes, met back at home, and were standing on the naturestrip with me crying and Mike trying to console me, and then what do I hear? Tinker tinker tinker, he's decided to stop playing hide and seek and was ready to be found and came running from 2 doors up. Looks like he'd gotten through our side fence and then through the side fence on the other side of next door too.

I was too glad to see him to be angry. Talk about heart stopping moments.

And what a cruisey day we had yesterday. It was our 5th wedding anniversary. We just hung out, went for cappuccinos, did a bit of shopping, and out for dinner last night. I wanted to take a picture for my project page, but I still haven't mastered the art of publically taking photos of meals in restaurants, LOL. So I sneaked my mobile phone out and snapped with that. Not great, but it will do.

As for the meals in restaurant photos, I see a lot of people do that in this project, but I'm still hesitant. I think some manager is going to tap me on the shoulder thinking I'm from an opposing restaurant trying to steal their ideas. I've been told just tell him I'm documenting the year and the meal is so good I need to capture it for my page. We'll see next time.

But OMG my meal was so good. Cajun chicken with avocado and mango on a bed of roasted capsicum and vegetables. YUMMO. I decided to pick something from the menu I'd not had before. Mike had his boring fisherman's platter. It's always something with seafood for him, I can read him like a book.

So five years, wow it's gone fast. That also means eight years since we met. Sometimes I can't even think back to a time that we didn't know each other.

Have used Sharon's new kit Sophisticate for this fun photo I took of Molly. Probably not the best photo in the bunch, but gosh I love her face in it. She's having a good old laugh.


Credits here.

So however you're spending your Sunday, enjoy! I'm about to go make a pav, Mike is up at the gold fields today so I thought I'd surprise him for when he gets home with his favourite!


Cheryl said...

okay that is so not fair... you tease us with this glorious description of your yummy dinner and what? NOT ONE PHOTO of yummy food to be seen... sniff sniff...

don't forget to take a piccie of your pav either...

Glad Lucky was found... Lucky little bugger having such wonderful people worrying about him... heee hee setting off the neighbours dogs yeah you would have been super popular...

and your sunday sounds much better than mine! little one voimiting from 6 am ... washing galore and a hubby at work till after 6 tonight... again!

Bells said...

So glad Lucky was found! That's just so good.

I take photos of food all the time. I've done it some really posh places too. I'm fairly discrete about it. No flash etc.

Amandac said...

What a naughty boy but I am so glad he came back home - you poor sausage - I would have been beside myself with worry! Oh and a very happy anniversary Carol - I'm so glad you had a lovely day!

Calico said...

I'm so glad Lucky's story had a happy ending. I once thought my dog Candy went missing but it turned out my mom took her to the park. I came home and she was out of the yard. I was hysterical frantically asking every person in the neighborhood if they'd seen her. I know how you felt when Lucky wasn't where he should be!
Funny you should mention taking a photo at the restaurant...I just did that yesterday. Well, I took one of us at the table but ended up using the one of the outside of the building instead. My son took a pic of us at the table for his p-365, though. I felt awkward taking the photo, too :)