Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Greetings

I was up early this morning. Well yes, early due to this jolly cough cough coughing, but also early as we went to the Easter Sunday dawn service. It was a great morning for it. Cold yes. But still, no wind, and more importantly no wind chill factor to contend with. So we were rugged up with coats and scarves and made our way to the bonfire. Mike greeted the congregation with his bagpipes and we then walked up to the cross on the hill where they had the ecumenical service.

Afterwards everyone has hot cross buns and coffee and chocolate easter eggs for breakfast. It's a nice tradition we do each year and a very nice sense of community.


April 10th has now come and gone and are you ready for this? It marked the 100th day of the year. WHAT?!? 100 days have whizzed by already? My goodness. But that also means 100 photographs in 100 days for Project 365.

The Designer Digitals Flickr group set a challenge to photograph something with 100 in it. How easy for it in our metric neck of the woods to meet that challenge huh? Off I trudge up the highway to get this photograph, not sure what the cars going by thought. I wonder what stories they conjured up of this woman on the side of the road photographing the 100kph sign!

But I thought I might just celebrate my 100 photos, actually I've got a wee bit more than 100 because of Miss B's deb. So here's my celebration of this stage of Project 365. It's quite cool looking seeing all these photographs en masse like this, although I do think I nearly broke my photoshop with all these layers!


Credits here.

So today, however you're spending Easter, hug your loved ones tight, reflect on your life and enjoy.


Victoria said...

Happy Easter! How divine to have the bagpipes play. My mother will be so envious when I tell her.

CONGRATULATIONS on the 100 day mark! Too funny about the sign.

I would love some hot cross buns. I'm having to substitute sugar cookies and Cadbury chocolate caramel eggs.

Lynne said...

I love that Easter photo - beautiful.

The doouble layout is really good - congratulations.

Easter was also DD's 23rd birthday but we weren't here to share it - the first time she's had Easter/her birthday without mum and dad! But she has a new husband and a new life so we left them for the weekend and went to see my elderly parents!