Saturday, April 4, 2009

An extra hour of sleep tonight

But that's only if we get to bed at the normal time in the first place right? Considering my computer has thought we've been off daylight saving now for a whole week, after last Sunday's debacle, hmmmph, that won't happen again.

Tomorrow is Lucky's last lesson in Grade 2 obedience class. I am not sure, but I don't think he will pass, I think I've been sprung giving him treats once too often. Don't get me wrong, he does what he's told, but only after I've told him a couple of times. Those bigger dogs have been show offs and drop straight away. Although we have been practicing a lot this week and even now Molly is dropping. Heck! She's never dropped of her own free will when I've told her 'DROP'. And now she is. Who says you can't teach an old girl new tricks huh? So we'll see tomorrow, I shall report back.

I've caught up with my Project 365 pages, yay me! So here's another view into my absolutely scintillatingly exciting life! LOL



Credits here.

Oh and before I go I must tell you that peace reigned supreme tonight. Bo actually had a snooze in her cat basket in the loungeroom WHILST Lucky was wandering around in the loungeroom too. I think Bo snoozed with one eye open and one eye shut, but this was a huge turning point. She's not been in her basket whilst Lucky has been in the room since we got him. I think having the fireplace on was a bit of a sweetener seeings it's cold here tonight. Nothing like a nice warm loungeroom to gather in on these cold nights.

Wish me luck for tomorrow with Lucky. Will he graduate? That's the burning question in my life at the moment, hahahahaha.


Amandac said...

Good luck tomorrow to you both - I am sure you will be fine. ROFL at Molly and I am so glad that Bo is getting calmer around Lucky and yes I think that the Winter will help keep peace and quiet all around!

Victoria said...

If your name is Lucky do you need people to wish good luck? Kind of an interesting question. But I'll go with wishing Lucky good luck and great job on getting extra treats out of the situation.

The mooning gnome is too funny and Michael really likes the fence photo. You are a great example of getting such good photos and recording the everyday.

Lynne said...

Lovely layouts as usual.

Is Mike going to grow his beard for the cold weather? ;-)

Calico said...

Good Luck Lucky!!!!!! Great layouts as usual, Carol :) !