Friday, April 3, 2009

Another Friday night

They roll around so quickly these days don't they? Easter almost upon us, OMG I have to dig out that cookie recipe and get that sorted this week, plus the containers to put them in, ribbons to wrap around them festively, oh and more icing and the icing colour stuff, did I say this was going to be my easy option around Easter? Hmmmmm.

It's 11.15pm and Mike is still working! One of the joys of working from home huh? He's decided to put the football on telly in the background and keep working away. I decided to scrap but I haven't even opened Photoshop yet. I've just been doing a bit of blog hopping.

No plans really for the weekend. Cleaning. Supermarket shopping. Will cruise around being the town papparazzi with the camera. Mark my words the weekend will whiz on by.

Here's a fun page of my bestie's daughter I did a short while ago, but haven't shown here yet. Using Sharon's Little Dancer kit, such a perfect photograph for it! I turned Miss E into a sticker! I wonder how she feels about that? te he


Credits here.

Okay well order for the rest of the night is a quick cup of tea whilst sorting through photos for my next double spread in the Project 365 and then bed for me. Have a lovely weekend.


Bells said...

sounds like an easy, quiet weekend carol. I love the simplicity of that page!

Lynne said...

Cute page! Enjoy your weekend. The good thing about four day weeks is that the weekend comes that much faster!