Friday, April 10, 2009

A very sad knitting story

Has a week nearly gone by since I last posted? Mike's "man disease" became a "woman disease" and I have not had a good night's sleep all week. I have usually woken around 2.30am with a coughing fit. Mike of course could sleep through anything so he doesn't hear a thing. So up I get at 2.30 and have a hot sweet cup of tea to try and soothe the cough, then back to bed. Broken sleep + me = crabby!

And do you know the crap that is on telly at that hour of the morning. Let's see, I found out how to take away my wrinkles with the stroke of a magic pen (thanks Heidi Klum), oh and there was a pilates sit up machine thing to flatten my stomache (yep, really need to be told I'm fat at 2.30am in the morning), and yes of course there's the fabulous Victoria with her stopping the aging process cream of something or other. Every channel something different. HOW MANY WOMEN ARE UP AT THAT TIME OF THE MORNING WATCHING THIS STUFF???? Maybe their target audience is the women up in the early hours feeding crying babies, who probably already feel uneasy about their bodies, so these adverts only emphasise the fact. Arrrrgh.

Okay enough of that rant, onto a very sad knitting story. If you have a queasy stomach then click away now.

I love scarves. Absolutely love them. Wear them every single day in winter and any cold snap. I have a lot of favourites but one up there at the top was a lovely soft as soft multi-grey scarf I had knitted some years back. It draped around my neck so gently, matched everything in my wardrobe, and basically was the PERFECT scarf all made by me.

I've been wearing it this week as it's been so cold. But Wednesday I think it was I went to work, donned my coat and couldn't find my scarf. Not to worry, perhaps I had left it at work the night before? I couldn't remember. So off to work I go.

I park in the exact same park as I'd used the day before and what do I spy on the road under the tyre of the car parked next to me? MY SCARF !!! Very very wet, very bedraggled, a bit torn and stuck under the tyre of a car. Obviously I had dropped it the day before and it had been run over by car/s and there all night in the rain.

And quite obviously a very dead scarf. It was still under the tyre of the car when I left to go home that night too. So I'm in mourning at the moment, my beautiful--soft--match-anything--not-too-hot--not-too-cold--scarf. Gone.

So now I'm on the lookout for a similar yarn. I have no idea what it even was. So if anyone has any ideas, something very soft, something a little bit furry (but I don't think it was a novelty yarn, I do remember it being quite expensive), please give me a suggestion of any current yarns that might fit the bill. Oh and it must be grey!

Okay now onto the scrapping front ... twolittlepixels has undergone a facelift. Hmmm, maybe Sharon has been up at 2.30 in the morning watching some of those adverts too!! The shoppe has moved from Zen Cart to X-Cart for an improved shopping experience, and there's some fabulous new designers on board. Ana Reis has moved in and I spy some wonderful krafty paper, you know how I loooooove kraft! Not to mention our dear friend cherpea designs. I can't wait to see what else she'll come up with. And another fabulous new designer The Doodle Factory. How utterly gorgeous. Add to the new designers all the fabulous (I'm not going to say old ones) exiting ones, plus guest designer Lynne-Marie, and you have the most wonderful digi shopping experience ahead of you.

Have fun! Oh and one very important point - if you were already a customer of twolittlepixels whilst Zen Cart was operating, you'll need to re-register. The registrations couldn't come over to the new X-Cart. So go forth and register scrappers!

Back again to edit the post ... now the goodies are in the shop I can post the page I did using the new super fabulous goodies from The Doodle Factory. My best friend's daughter, quite a few years ago now, absolutely cute as a button.


Credits here.


Calico said...

So, so sad! There's just got to be a yarn out there just waiting to be made into your next all-time favorite scarf *fingers crossed*

catsmum said...

O feel your pain - probably a bit like the time I discovered my favourite black cashmere scarf had gone on an unauthorised trip through a hot wash.
Can you say felt!!!
I was so mad/sad I couldn't even blog about it.

Rose Red said...

Oh no! that is a sad scarf story.

Hmm, another yarn? Maybe a soft grey alpacky yarn? warm, a little bit fuzzy and so soft.

Bells said...

Oh this story made me sad the second time as much as it did the first time. :-( Such a loss.

The silk garden scarf I just made and posted about last week might be the kind of thing you're looking for!

Belanna said...

Oh hun I'm sorry about your scarf - my mum's been sending me oodles of scarves lately because I destroyed one in the wash, but nothing can replace a favourite sigh! Hope you find a good yarn for a new one!

And I promise I laughed WITH you for the tale of the doggy dropout lol! Commiserations to Lucky, I'm sure he'll ace it next time!!!

Polly said...

What a shame Carol. I hope you find what you need, and yes those adds are terrible - needless to say when baby no 2 comes along we will make sure we have Austar

Lynne said...

Oo! Weren't you tempted to wait and retrieve it. Bring it home, wash it, unpick it, and love it back to life again? I think I would have been!!