Monday, December 1, 2008

He was everything ... and more !!

It was a given really. I have just loved Billy Joel since forever. What a great weekend.

What fun. The motel was perfect, we had a fabulous banquet in China Town for dinner, the weather was ideal for walking, our seats were AMAZING!, Billy was incredible, have I used enough adjectives?

Here's some pictures. Like I said, amazing seats, this wasn't zoomed in, this was exactly where I was sitting.


Then of course I got up on stage with him to take these ... hahahahaaha Only kidding. The wonders of the zoom lens huh?



Truly just the best weekend ever.

Now I'm down to earth. Ready for this ... THE FAMILY HISTORY BOOK IS FINISHED !!!! And I just spent an obscene amount at Shutterfly for the printing. Gasp! But it will be worth it when I see mum's face when she opens it for Christmas.

Over and out.


HillsCass said...

Wow Carol!! Awesome seats and I'm so glad it was a great night for you. And congrats on finishing the book. That must be a real sense of satisfaction for you! How you kept it a secret this long is beyond me!

Rose Red said...

Congrats on finishing the book! Wow - you must be so pleased with yourself!

And yay that the concert was great - you really did have great tickets!

esther_a said...

Fabulous photos! I'm suprised you were allowed to use your camera (or were you being sneaky?!)!! Lucky you!

Lisa Beth said...

Fantastic seats, you lucky lady! Glad you had a great time. And congrats on finishing up the book, I know your mum will LOVE it.

Chocolate Cat said...

Those photos are fantastic, especially the one with the red background!! You've had a rough year glad you had a good weekend, you deserve it.
You have to try and have someone ready with the camera to capture your Mums face when she looks at her family book. Oh and it might be worth having a few boxes of tissues for you all!!

Victoria said...

You were almost in his lap! Great photos! I know you adore him.

My family says the verdict is still out on the Tim Tams. They said to be able to make a decision I needed to buy several more boxes. Well, Noah did run up to me and beg for the last Tim Tam in the box and then exclaimed, "I LOVE TIM TAMS!" So, I think he has been sufficently converted. Rachel says the caramel ones are her favorites. Thanks for the recommendation!

Your mum is going to be over the moon excited about the book!

Amandac said...

Wow Carol those are great photos! And what fabulous seats! You know Billy is looking good for his age - he at least is aging gracefully and not trying to look younger than he is or anything and he is looking damn fine anyway! Sounds like you had a blast!