Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Anomaly - Relaxation

So the silly season has well and truly set in. Aren't we all meant to sit back and enjoy the days of December.

I don't know how it goes in your home, but why is it that I have to write all the cards (which mind you are still sitting on the kitchen bench not sent, even the overseas ones!!), I have to keep tabs of what we've got for who, I am the one braving the stores, I am doing all the wrapping. Who gets to sit back and relax in December??? Not I.

I have revolted again this year and Mike is writing on the cards of the people who are first and foremost his friends the longest. I just plonked 10 tags in front of him and instructed him to write, so there's his writing on some of the items. As for the wrapping, nah! I'll do that.

So let's take stock of where we are up to in the land of Carol and Mike.

  • Tree is up - check.
  • Gifts half wrapped, paper and ribbons still all over the kitchen table - making me anxious.
  • Cards written, still not sent - half check.
  • Final order of four Christmas stockings finished and packaged, to be sent tomorrow - check.
  • One lost present I hid so well I can't find it - DISASTER!
  • Still one sock to finish otherwise the recipient will be given only half a pair - breathe breathe!
  • Husband's family descending on us on Sunday for Mike's birthday - arrrrrgggghhhh!!
  • Meal to plan, birthday cake to make - think Cheesecake Shop might be getting a quick visit!
  • And in amongst it all - one lost diamond.

I whacked my hand on a cabinet in the filing room today and looked down and there was a gap. One of the three diamonds on my engagement ring had disappeared. I even had the boss down on his hands and knees searching!! And after 10 minutes searching there it was. What a big scream I let out and then a sigh of relief. So a visit to the jewellers planned tomorrow to fix my ring.

Yep - rest and relaxation in December!

So let's have a walk down memory lane at some of my Christmasses past, a double page spread from the family album.



Credits here.

You can't help but be impressed with my fringe in the first page huh? Mum was the master of what I lovingly call "the bowl cut". She would put sticky tape across our hair and then cut whatever was left hanging. hahahahahahaha

Okay, off to search for the lost present again.

Hope your December is a bit more relaxing. Somehow I'm wondering if Christmas + Relaxation = does not compute.


esther_a said...

You're doing well to have your cards written!! I wish....!!
And if you think that is a short fringe, check out the pic of me at a similar age that I just posted at twolittlepixels (CD calendar - March pic). I think our mothers must have gone to the same bowl-cut-fringe school, but my mother used a much smaller bowl!!
So glad you found your diamond! What a scare!!

Heather said...

LOL, I gave up sending gifts to my (overseas) in laws a few years back and told Gary he was in charge of that. We have about 3 years worth of their gifts wrapped and ready to go with our holiday stuff. I've given up stressing over it. ;-)

(I do still do the cards, though I make him write the little "thinking of you" or whatever bit we add to the printed text for his bit of the list.)

Now... I just have to figure out what to do for our card photo so I can get them printed so I can start on them! Eep!

Happy Holidays, Carol! :-)

Rose Red said...

Oh thank goodness you found the diamond!
Hope you have similar luck with the lost gift (I do that sort of thing all the time!)

Amandac said...

wow I'm so glad you found your diamond hun! Good thing Mike is a gold prospector - I'm sure those skills came in handy finding it hahaha. Gorgeous pages Carol and I love your fringe LOL

Susie Roberts said...

I have some photos like these! Love these two pages, Carol. I'm so glad you didn't lose your diamond. Have a lovely Christmas.

Jen C. said...

What great photos. We never did Santa pictures.

Lynne said...

My mum cut our hair too but no fringe allowed. We wore our long hair pulled straight back and tied up with stretchy headbands for added neatness! Eek!

I write all the cards too but I do get help with the wrapping. WM does a neater job than me with those 'not square' presents!