Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a week

It's surely been a week and a half in this neck of the woods. I am pleased to say that the cold weather seems to have disappeared. It's been lovely and warm this weekend and so much more Christmassy to get us in the mood. I don't know that I could cope with a cold Christmas. Oh okay, maybe I'd like to try it once. But bring on the heat I say.

I am pleased to say that all orders were received during the week. All orders I say??? Yes everything I was waiting for ... and ... THE ALBUM (I say in hushed tones with reverence). I can't even describe the overwhelming feelings I got when I opened the package. Actually I sat at the kitchen table and stared at the package a good ten minutes before I got up the nerve to open it. Step-daughter No.2 has been staying for the week so she and Mike gathered around as we looked at it in awe. Just the sight of it and physically being able to hold it in my hands after seeing it only in parts on the computer screen for the last 18 months, well I don't mind tell you I burst into uncontrollable tears.

It's beautiful. I can't imagine it being anything else than it is. It is EXACTLY as I had imagined, even better. Photos will be forthcoming.

Mum has spent the weekend with us and she's well and truly been initiated into our little town. We had the annual Christmas parade. What a hoot. Loved every minute of it. Then Carols by Candlelight in the Village Green. Once the sun went down it got rather chilly, but we were armed with santa hats, coats, big woolly rugs. It was a lovely evening.

I decided to use Sharon's new paper pack, aptly named Warm Christmas to show off some of the sights of our Christmas parade, as only a little town can pull off. ;-)


Credits here.

Oh yes, that's the love of my life there in all his reindeer glory !!! He was most put out when we were told by one of our friends that her young son came racing over to her and in almost a hyperventilating voice said ... "Oh mummy, did you see, did you see? There's Santa Claus and ... and ... and the Easter Bunny"!

Out of the mouths of babes huh?


Christine said...

Oh Carol...I'm so thrilled the book is everything you imagined it would be!!! You should be so proud of yourself and all the hard work that went into it! You really have done a superb job!!!
I envy your warm weather. It was 1 degree F when I woke this morning in cccccold Colorado! I can't imagine anything but cold at Christmas as I've lived here all my life. At least we got a brand new Wii as our early xmas present to keep us happy indoors.
I can't wait to see your photos!

Chocolate Cat said...

Looks like you had a lovely 'christmasy' weekend! That photo of the giant 'reindeer' is one to keep!!! So glad the book arrived and it is everything you wanted and more. Only a few sleeps now!

Jodie said...

Oh I knew the book would be beautiful, I'm guessing that your Mum will cry as well. Love the reindeer-bunny photo... and I loved the parade photos, reminds me of the small town Christmas parade of my childhood.

Lisa Beth said...

How much fun! Love your Bunny Reindeer! Your page captures the laughter and festivity of the parade so well.

And I'm so pleased that your album arrived and you are happy with it. Can't wait to hear your Mum's reaction!

Lynne said...

Lovely page. Can't wait to see the book.