Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas - how we spent it

What a day, it was huge. We drove to Geelong with Lucky in tow. He slept from the moment we left home till the first traffic lights 2 hours later! And the same on the way back again, what a great little traveller.

We visited the cemetary to see Mike's mum's grave. Then over to my mum's house, having Lucky with us stemmed a lot of the tears she was feeling on the day, funny little cone head he is. She loved the book. No ... wait ... she adored the book. She was speechless, and since Christmas Day it's been round the neighbourhood too!

A bit overwhelmed as she opened it.


I don't know whether this was laughter or tears, because there was certainly both.


I made peace with mum's wish to be alone this Christmas as long as I could see her in the morning on the way through to Ocean Grove and again on the way back. She spent the day and the first anniversary of dad's death how she wanted it. The book helped. I hope it cleansed. I hope it made her laugh. I hope it offered a salve to her wounds.

Then onto Ocean Grove to lunch with Mike's sister. The kids adored Lucky and gave him quite the work out. Here's us at the Christmas table. What a feast - turkey, ham, all the trimmings, followed by the most delicious plum pudding, brandy custard and cream. Oh and for overseas people the funny paper hats we are wearing are from the bon bons (crackers). Don't know if you have them there.


Then late afternoon headed to see my brother and family. More presents to unwrap. More playing with Lucky, until in all the excitement he pee'd on Matthew's new boogie board. Lucky then became known as "Pisser" !!

Then back to mum's to chill out for a few hours which was nice. We just sat, opened some more presents and had coffee and enjoyed the peace and quiet. I know Christmas is about the kids, but lots of high pitched squealing and giggling and the incessant "Auntie Carol Auntie Carol Auntie Carol" chant nearly did me in.

Then Home James with us and we got home about 10pm. HUGE DAY!

We've just vegged out the last couple now. I haven't even gone into the sales, although I'm heading down to Geelong in an hour to spend a couple of nights with mum, we'll be going to the sales down there and may even make a trip to Highpoint.

And finally as for the menagerie. We are going okay (I think). Mainly the "I think" because I don't have anything to rate it against. Molly and Bo have always maintained a calm distance, I have seen Molly lick Bo a few times and she's not moved away, so that's kind of the arm's length relationship they have.

With Lucky in the mix, oh boy. Molly has done a bit of growling I must admit, but I've been told to step back and let them sort it out. It's all about the top dog status apparently. Lucky then takes a few steps back, lays down until Molly stops with the growling and then comes back for more, sheesh!

Bo has made some of the scary hissing sounds and Lucky does the same, steps back and lays down and lets Bo go off on her merry sweet way. Although yesterday he decided to see what happened if he chased her. Heck! All hell broke loose. I ended up with a scratch from just below my right ear across my neck and down my chest. My own silly fault I got in the way and I know she didn't mean it. Now it's game on.

We've provided a safe room that Bo can get in and out of, but Lucky can't. Likewise with Bo's food. She has been coming back in each afternoon so that's a good sign. After all the hellaballoo we were watching a movie last night. Mike and I on the couch, Molly laying at our feet, Lucky on the arm rest side of Mike. Bo came in the back door, hopped up onto my arm rest, walked along the back of the couch and then came to sit on Mike's arm rest, within half a foot of Lucky, all very calm. Then hopped off and walked up the passageway. Not a peep out of Lucky.

So that's a good sign right? Please people placate me. I have no benchmarks. I feel like with Lucky and the cat it's a step forward and a step backwards. And of course my main focus is on the cat right now, I don't want her stressed. But she keeps coming back so I think that is positive.

Anyway cone head no more, the stitches came out yesterday and so did the cone come off. Here's the sweet little face that's worked it's way into our hearts.



Amandac said...

Oh Carol you Mum looks thrilled with the book! I'm so glad :) - Your Christmas sounds as perfect as possible in the circumstances and I think having Lucky there was very me ...lucky! ROFL! he is a real cutie!! Oh and Bo jumping up on the couch IS a good sign of eventual peace returning to your home, she is reminding him who is boss LOL

pjseiler said...

I love following your blog and seeing your beautiful pages, especially the family album. I have been curious to see your mother's reaction and I am so glad she was thrilled with it. What a lot of work, but oh-so-worth-it too. I'm sure it went a long way to help her on Christmas day....and all through the coming year.
And yes, there's something about doggies and kids that just make people smile. :)

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Bells said...

what a great time that must have been, watching her go over it. How great that she finally has it, and that it's been around the neighbourhood.

Well done Carol. That's a huge job and it's so wonderful. What will you do now? Just focus on Lucky??? He's doing great by the sounds of it.

catsmum said...

Aww what a cutie !
from my lofty few months experience with Bear and the cats, Lucky is exhibiting exactly the behaviour that you want. He is acknowledging the other as pack leader. Make sure that the cat eats first and that will reinforce Lucky's lowly status.
Also YOU should eat first if at all possible for the same reason - got that one of The Dog whisperer on Austar - big pooch expert me !!!! LOL

catsmum said...

and how did YOU feel as mum went through the book ? some healing for you too sweetie ? or was that done along the way as you were making it ?
either way big hugz

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Great to see how much she liked the book, I can imagine her spending her day on lovely.
Love Lucky...but I really want to call him pisser!!!!
Your Christmas card was too cute, next year I want Pis.. Lucky as well!! Tracey

Lynne said...

I'm so glad the book was everything you wanted it to be and more.

I think the animals will work it out in their own way. The cone probably did nothing to help because it gave a distorted impression of his size!

And, yes, I have to admit [though I'm not a dog lover] he is cute.

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh Lucky is SO cute (almost as cute as Jimmy!!!). They sound like they are working out the pecking order themselves, as long as noone is getting hurt I wouldn't worry, sounds very normal. Glad you and your Mum survived Christmas. Thats all your Mum had to do this year. I'm sure the book had a lot to do with that. It will be treasured for years to come and will provide comfort often.