Friday, December 12, 2008

Update, how am I going?

I'm getting there...

  • Tree is still up - the dog and cat haven't knocked it down yet, LOL.
  • Gifts 95% wrapped, ribbons still all over the kitchen table, but not so anxious now.
  • Cards half sent, ran out of stamps, but the last lot ready to go.
  • Christmas stockings well and truly on their way.
  • Lost present found - LUCKY - because it was a watch! whew.
  • The sock - had done about 5cm from the cast on and totally stuffed up the pattern and ripped it out. Still to be done. Big effort this weekend.
  • Yes, cheesecake shop has been visited and a luscious strawberry cheesecake is sitting in the fridge right now for the birthday boy.
  • And ring is at the jewellers for fixing.

And at last the weekend. And it's raining. Very steadily. I think it's going to be a wet weekend the whole way through. Birthday presents are all wrapped for the birthday boy tomorrow. He's in the loungeroom watching the Last Samarai on telly. Why? When we have the DVD, who knows.

So to bring you a bit more Christmas cheer, I'll finish off with a page I did using one of the new designers at twolittlepixels' - Opal Scraps newest kit, Urban Garden.


My little Bo Bo Girl, I think this was actually a yawn from memory, but it looks like a funny little laugh from her, so I'll stick with that!


esther_a said...

Too cute! What a gorgeous photo (even if it IS a yawn!)

Amandac said...

sure she is laughing at YOU for putting the Santa hat on her head LOL Well done on nearly finishing your Christmas stuff Carol! You are very nearly inspiring me to get more organised LOL

Belanna said...

Saw Bo Bo over at Sharon' she's getting famous! And ditto what Amanda said, you truly are an inspiration...can I bribe you to come organise me???

Lynne said...

You are so organised! I didn't even start Christmas shopping until the next week!