Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The aftermath

Do you feel like you're in the middle of an aftermath after Christmas? I'm absolutely exhausted, thank goodness I have this week off work. I will be taking down the Christmas decos and tree today. How come putting it up is left to me, as is pulling it all down? I find that so depressing, but I'm ready for a clear living room again.

So who does resolutions? I don't usually. Oh well actually usually my resolution for the year is to do as many things as possible that I've never done before - whether that is from trying a new endeavour, eating something for the first time, travelling to a new place, whatever. You can't really break that resolution, and it's a growth thing really.

However this year I'm going to add de-clutter to the list. I must admit I'm a bit of a hoarder. Things seem to take on an emotional appeal to me and I find it hard to cull. But this year I am. It's good Feng Shui anyway, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind is a cluttered life. I want to simplify this year. Let's see how I go anyway.

Well I finished the socks for step-daughter no. 2. She adored them. Loved the colour, loved the fit. When she opened the present she said "oh but I have such a small foot" and I said "I know, that's why I made them like that". They fit like a glove. She was most impressed. Collinette Jitterbug is such a yummy wool to knit with, I should have gone down a needle size or two as the body of the sock was roomy but Miss B liked that, it was more the foot length I got down perfectly for her.

This photo doesn't do the socks justice, the colour is even more vibrant up close. The pattern is Anastasia socks and I've never done toe up so I did this top down and just worked the pattern the opposite way. Hey, I'm getting adventurous. I finished with about 1 metre of yarn left. Whew!


On the scrapping front thought I'd delve back through the archives of recently completed but still not shown pages. This is a photograph of my grandmother as a young girl. My grandma was only 5 when her mum died and 14 when her dad died and so the three siblings were raised by their Auntie. One of these days I'll scrap the lives of my grandparents. Ahhhh so many projects, so little time.


Credits here.

As for the menagerie, status quo exists. Although Bo did go almost nose to nose with Lucky through a fence we've put up between the bathroom/laundry area and the passageway, so that's encouraging, she did that of her own volition. Still early days I guess. He's under the desk at my feet right now funny little fellow that he is.

Tomorrow I get to meet one of my scrapbooking friends for the first time. Esther does such beautiful scrapbook pages and is holidaying in my neck of the woods so we're meeting up to go to a craft market together, perhaps a lovely coffee and cake, yum! Who knows. I'm looking forward to meeting her. She's instructed that my copy of the family book must come along and she has some of her work to show me too. It will be lovely to see in real life as opposed to one the computer screen.


Lynne said...

Actually, Christmas feels like an eternity ago! This time last week we were still travelling the five hours to Tamworth, now it's just a distant memory.

I'm feeling much less tired - no pressure to be anywhere or do anything [except complete the wedding stole] makes life a lot simpler. Except for my daily walk I've barely left the house since we returned last Friday!

We didn't put up any decorations [Christmas really sneaked up on us and anyway, we weren't going to be here] so life is easy! And I still have five weeks of holidays so I'm chilled [for now!].

All the best for 2009.

Margaret said...

Hi Carol, I think I might know your Mum from somewhere in Geelong, you know how it is . I am so pleased to hear and see that she was at one with the memories. I loved the socks I am going to knit some socks during winter.You certainly were a busy girl on Christmas Day. I will enjoy reading you blogs this year Cheers .

Amandac said...

Christmas? When was that? haha it seems so long ago - I'm pooped. I hope you take care hun and get a bit of a rest before you go back to work and I hope you have a great meeting with Esther!!!!