Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We got Lucky today ... literally!

I was giggling so much when I wrote that post last night about getting lucky this year. Yes we did.

Introducing Lucky, our new 8 month old Jack Russell. He was needing a new home, came across from South Australia and he's all ours. Little brother for Molly and Bo.
Molly is none too fussed, they've had some big run arounds together and she's showing him she's top dog as it should be, there were a few grrrrrs when the butt sniffing got a wee bit personal! As for Bo the cat, well she's sulking up on our bed and hasn't ventured back out. After a few big dummy spit hisses we're just letting her find her own feet in this, she's been given a safe area that Lucky can't get into so we'll go from there.
Oh and the collar is because he still has stitches in from being desexed. They come out in three days. Then we'll get to see that beautiful little face for real.


Is this picture the epitome of love? I ask you! Someone is in love I tell you, I think the feeling might be mutual.


I have enjoyed writing this blog this year and am grateful and treasure the friendships I have made, people I don't really know, never met, but get to visit their lives from time to time. I enjoy that immensely.

As I will struggle through Christmas Day, I will be sure to take time out to count my blessings, it's been a tough year. I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and hope to see and "visit" you all again in the New Year.



SaschkaH said...

Merry Christmas Carol and Mike - your little man looks absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure the others will get used to him soon enough!

Praying that 2009 is a very special, happy year for you both and your families.

Love Sasch and B xoxo

Lisa Beth said...

Awwww, he's SO cute!

This is such peaceful and happy news, Carol. :-) Your family is in my prayers today and in the coming week. Lots of love coming your way!

Christine said...

Sooooooo adorable! Merry Christmas to you and your family and I hope 2009 brings much joy and happiness!

Belanna said...

He is such a cutie Carol, you're so lucky lol! And the doggie's kinda cute too of course ;) Hope you had a great day!

Margaret said...

Carol I am waiting for the next post, I have enjoyed the friendship this year Cheers Margaret

Amandac said...

You did get Lucky didn't you? He is adorable Carol and I am sure Bo will be out and about telling him who is boss very soon!. I hope the Christmas period wasn't too hard for you and that you managed to have a good one. I was thinking of you :) Roll on 2009! HUGS - you friendship means heaps to me too my dear!

gwen said...

This little dog of yours is really so cute. I bet it will bring luck, happiness and peace to your family for 2009.
Like you I enjoy visiting crafty blogs and I can only thank you for your kind comments. If one day I start on scrap booking, you know who will be to blame! Take care and best wishes for 2009

Lynne said...

Cute dog, gorgeous postcard.