Saturday, November 29, 2008

I have a hot date tonight :-)

My husband knows about it. He's totally cool with it, because I've known "him" longer than Mike. Already worked out what I'll wear, makeup, hair. I'm getting tingles just anticipating.


I am going to see Billy Joel tonight. YAY ME ! Sixth time I've seen him in concert, a bit of a fan huh?

I'm taking mum along, she's a big fan too. Mike on the other hand would rather stay home, in the comfort of the lounge chair with a bourbon watching a DVD of Billy Joel, no screaming fans, pushing, shoving, hard seats. He doesn't get it doesn't he? It's the whole thing about live performance, it's special, it's exhilarating. So anyway it's going to be a girl weekend, we've even booked accommodation right in the city as well.

Watch out Melbourne!

Twolittlepixels has an amazing lot of talented new designers and we're so lucky to be able to play with their goodies to present them to the digi scrappers. I got to use Emily Giovanni's beautiful Glitter Snowflakes here in this page. Go nab a bargain 25% for Black Friday sale.

For any overseas people this page will make you laugh. The very first time I saw snow. It was at the top of Mount Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania. There you go Jodie, I've been up there. I was soooooooo excited to see the snow. Truly, there is snow there, I'm pointing to it !!! haha


Credits here.

And with that, I'm logging off, I have a bag to pack and a date night to be had.


Margaret said...

I still think snow is amazing. We were driving north one day and it started to snow just before Gisborne, we were thrilled at the sight. For those who go sking at Falls or Hotham this isn't a wonder.Have a good time at Billy Joel.

Jodie said...

Carol, there is more snow on Mt Wellington TODAY than then LOL! It is freeezing here for November. Have fun with Billy ;)

Amandac said...

have a great time at the concert hun! I hope you and your Mum enjoy yourselves rotten :) I did laugh out loud when I saw your page because I know exactly how you feel seeing snow for the first time LOL we were so excited even though it was pretty much just sleet hehe

I saw on the weather page Jodie that it was -.5 C on Mt Wellington today!!! what the?? Isn't it supposed to be spring LOL

Polly said...

Hope that you had a fabulous time with Billy Carol. Im sure it was amazing.

gwen said...

Guess what we had at the beginning of the week here. And I can´t say I really like it in town. It is just slippery and brings a lot of dirt in the house. Great for kids though! I like your socks very much. Maybe my next go. Thanks for the inspiration and take care.
P.S.: Say hello to Billy from me!