Monday, November 17, 2008

Sparks a plenty!

I've been spending a few days with mum, just wanted to be there over the weekend because Saturday would have been dad's birthday. Mum and I ended up going to dad's favourite eatery and having a lovely meal, a few wines, and a nice time.

I've actually had quite a busy long long weekend. I met up with my very good friend Myra from Florida. She is out here again visiting . How lucky I am to see her once again. Myra and Joe took us to a lovely restaurant where we were served the biggest meals I've ever seen in my life.

And then Sunday I met up with some dear dear friends. I've stayed good friends with a group of girls where we all met on a wedding forum and all got married around the same time. We're from all over Australia, all walks of life, and we make sure we meet as often as we can. And it's terrific. These girls keep me sane!

NOW .....

I can tell you my very very good news that I hinted about in an earlier post. I entered a competition with one of my scrapbooking pages, first time I've ever done that, with Wacom Pen Scrappers. And unbelievably I won one of the runner up prizes and will soon be the very proud owner of a Bamboo. There'll be no stopping me then!! This page is the one that means the most to me out of all the pages I've ever made so it's meant a lot to be amongst the winning entries. Check them out here.

I've posted the layout before, but I think it deserves another showing.


The Beautiful Day Kit by JoFia Designs
Diamond Rain by JoFia Designs
Fonts – Carpenter and Mom’s Typewriter

I'm just amazed, stunned really. And Wacom have been wonderful, after the initial email advice, they made they phoned to ensure we knew that we'll be getting an Australian model so the plugs will work, and just now I've received an email from Wacom Asia Pacific who are planning a worldwide press release announcing the results of the contest and would like to customise the Australian and Southeast Asian press releases to highlight me and my artwork as the regional winner among scrapbooking media in the region and would like to interview me. This is too wild for words !!!

Okay, stop getting carried away!! Onto other things ...

I did say in the title sparks a plenty and I meant it. Last Thursday there was an almighty storm here and although the house didn't get hit, the lightening has hit a pole somewhere and sent a shock through our phone lines. Final count - blown up telephone, my computer fried (YES!!! *MY* COMPUTER), the modem blew out and the fax machine went kaput.

Because Mike's best mate is an IT Guru, he's already hooked me up with a brand spanking new computer that he's built, and it's AMAZING! What a very spoilt girl I am.

Off to make dinner. Yes we can be lucky and spoilt, but dinner still awaits! haha


Bells said...

Oh well deserved, my dear. Very, very well deserved. It brings a tear to my eye to see it again. Lovely lay out.

Lynne said...

Congratulations - you certainly deserve it.

I couldn't read that page again; it made cry last time. It's so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

I'm glad you and your mum had a good time and she was strong enough to go to his favourite restaurant.

Rose Red said...

Congratulations!! I've no idea what a Bamboo is but I'm so pleased for you for the lovely recognition!!

We went to Dad's pub for dinner on the anniversary of his death, it was good. Glad you and your mum did a similar thing, it's a good way of remembering isn't it.

Victoria said...

You will be unstoppable with a wacom tablet! Creative outlet, indeed! YEAH!

Chocolate Cat said...

No wonder you won, that is a very special layout. Congratulations and I'm sure you will enjoy your prize!!
Sounds like you had a great weekend!