Friday, November 21, 2008

Guess what I'm playing on right now?

My beautiful new Wacom Bamboo. That's what. It arrived today and Mike quickly connected it up because he knew he'd never hear the end of it if he didn't, hahaha. Oh it's so beautiful. And so responsive. Plus it looks so sleek on my desk. I LOVE IT ALREADY AMANDA !!!! She promised I would.

And what was more of a surprise was the other little gifties Wacom sent me also. Not that I do paper scrapbooking but a packet of 180 assorted 12x12 inch papers, and another packet of 120 assorted 8x8 inch papers. I will put these to good use with other craft projects most definitely. Plus a really neat digital scrapbooking book. I was not expecting these other gifts so was most surprised when I opened the box.

I went to a craft party on Thursday night actually. Oh yes, I live on the wild side! It was for Stampin Up! Although I have no plans to get back into stamping, I must admit it was a brilliant product. Once stamped they actually looked like they were printed on rather than stamped on.

So amongst the layouts I've done this week, I've had a huge play. Sharon has a wonderfully fresh Beach Play kit out and Shen has the most beautiful soft Christmassy Fa-la-la kit which I know I will use long after Christmas photographs are put away. Check out the links to take you to the shoppe.

And I am going to give you a plethora of pages using the kits ha! All for the now famous (or should that be infamous) family album.

Yes, what a rotter I was telling all the kids at the Christmas party that it wasn't really santa but it was my dad. Eeeek. I don't know how old I was here, it was in the 70's some time. Surely someone would have told me that round stripes do nothing for a girl's figure, hahaha.


I love looking at pictures of when I was a wee toddler. And it still blows my mind that these photos have stayed so pristine over the years. This was from 1966.


And yes, please feel very sorry for me. We had to wait until AFTER lunch was over, AFTER the dishes were done and AFTER mum and grandma put lipstick on (why? who knows), before we could open our Christmas presents. This meant there was a lot of secret touching and shaking going on during the morning. By everyone!! Even grandma, I love seeing that picture of her, all 70 or 80 years of her, on the floor checking out the presents.


And we were very lucky to have a pool when we were growing up. It's not there now, one too many leaks unfortunately. Do you remember back to those days, we would lather ourselves in baby oil and positively cook ourselves in the sun? And thought we were doing wonders for getting a great tan. I get the horrors now thinking of it. These photos weren't the clearest of pics, but they made for a good collage of some summer fun we had as a family.


That's it from me, over and out, time for bed.


Lynne said...

Lovely layouts as usual.

After lunch for presents? We had to wait till after church and breakfast [the only cooked breakfast of the year] and after nanna and grandad arrived! Our loungeroom doors [one from the dining room, one from the hall] were kept closed so peeking wasn't possible! :-(

Susie Roberts said...

Hi Carol,
Love these layouts. Congrats on your new graphic tablet. You know how the surface is a little slippery? I taped a small piece of acetate (hard, clear plastic sheet)to the top. The acetate has a matt surface so it's easier to draw and the pen doesn't slide around so much. I had a piece left over from my patchworking days which I used to cut out shapes for templates. You could also get it in art/craft stores.
Cheers, Susie.

Amandac said...

Oh hun there are some wonderful pages here! Your album is going to be spectacular! haha I bet you will be addicted to your Bamboo pen before long LOL. Loving those cute socks too - you are a crafty Queen!