Saturday, November 8, 2008

So much to tell ...

So make yourself comfy, grab a cuppa, dunk your biscuit and let's start chatting. Where to start?

Firstly how did I get so lucky? I have no idea. Twolittlepixels has expanded in a big way. Six new designers. All amazingly talented. Sharon has found the most wonderfully talented group from all over the globe. I think only three have been announced so far so I'm keeping my lips zipped. Go visit the shoppe to see their goodies - so far Emily Giovanni, NatashaNaSt Designs and Pure Scrap have been announced. There's a few freebies to pick up in the shoppe too, so go have a wander.

As part of the twolittlepixels creative team I'm also part of creashens creative team and she's given us a shiny new button to display. Isn't it purty?


I do sometimes wonder how this gig has happened for me. I was scrapping along minding my own business, stalking Sharon's blog most days, especially Fridays for her freebie, and she calls for some creative team members and wham, I'm on for the ride of my life. Such a nice group of girls I'm honoured to call my friends.

I had another play with creashens' Pure paper pack, it's so beautiful, perfect backdrop for pictures. And this is my favourite paper in the bunch. I love this picture of the four of us, probably not the best day for my brother to remember, but it's part of our family history so into the album it goes. The CT girls will know how I obsessed about what journalling to put down, if any, not wanting to offend my brother. So I went with a bit of a telegram speil. It's so special now to look back on pictures of the four of us together. Yes ... even me with boofy hair and a very dated bridesmaid's dress. LOL


Credits here.

The other thing that makes me smile about this page is that my dad didn't dance. But funnily enough the few times we did manage to get him up on the dance floor someone snapped a photograph, so it actually appears in our photo albums here that he danced a fair bit. But that wasn't the case. And for a rather big man, he was surprisingly light on his feet. I think he would have been a great dancer if he had the inkling.

I have a wonderful roast pork doing it's thing in the oven right now, the smell is wafting throughout the house. It smells yummy. It's been cold and rainy here today so it will be the perfect fodder for dinner tonight. Mike is having a granny nap on the couch and I'm playing here and then I'll be doing some stitching tonight. So that's us in a nutshell right now.

You will recall that Lynne of Too Hot to Knit awarded me with an "I love your blog" award, which was just lovely. I've thought long and hard and there are just so many blogs I love to read and I don't want to leave any out, so if you are reading this and I've ever commented on your blog, know that that award is for you too.

How's that for sitting on the fence? Thank you again Lynne.

Now I think a bit of retail therapy is in order, I want to do a bit of online Christmas Shopping. We all know that November is the quickest month of the year. Don't be fooled, Christmas will be on us like a flash. If any Aussies (and I guess non-Aussies for that matter) are looking for great quality online goods to purchase I can highly recommend Peters of Kensington. I've never been disappointed yet. If nothing else sign up for their weekly emails with all their best buys.

I have some other news that I'm bursting with but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put it out on the WWW yet, so I'll just have to leave you with the thought that there's something exciting about to be shared. Tis rather mean saying only so much isn't it?

Toodlepip. :-)


esther_a said...

It is exciting about twolittlepixels! They are great designers. I already have a few of their things. Lucky you!!
Yes as for the rest of the news, I guess we'll have to tune in next time! Teaser!! ;-)

Bells said...

My God you look great in red! We brunettes were born to wear red, weren't we?

Lynne said...

My sister has had "the big day" three times and each one belongs in the family wedding album - even if she doesn't like it. Two of those marriages resulted in children so they can hardly be denied!

I think your choice of journalling was very creative.