Sunday, November 9, 2008

A little bit of Idol chatter

Well who watched tonight? I loved it, but I think Teale has to go. I'm still thinking it will be Wes and Mark in the final two and although in my heart I just think that Wes will win, it was Mark's night tonight. Was he hot or what?

My lovely friend Di and I text all through Idol with various comments. Why we don't just pick up the phone and chat through it I have no idea. At one stage the text read "Sex on legs" and that's all that was needed, no other words. Mark burned up the screen. haha

So bottom two for tomorrow night will be Teale and Luke and Teale will leave. So says the prophet of Carol.

I'm having to do a bit of re-arranging in the family album, I'm starting to run out of pages for all the rest of the ideas I have. I'm hitting the maximum number that Shutterfly hold for a book, eeeek. This is going to be expensive, but so worth it. I got an email today saying 47 days till Christmas, oh my goodness, when did that sneak up? Usually by September I have my gift shopping done and dusted, not this year.

Mum is still not wanting to have anything to do with Christmas this year, she doesn't want to go anywhere or see anyone, wants to be left alone. I want to respect her wishes here but I just can't. She has relented and mentioned the other night that she was going to have a Christmas tree (after adamently saying for months she was not). Thank heavens for Trevor's new step-children. That's the only reason she's having a tree. I'm still biding my time with her, I don't know what to do or which way to jump.

So this is why the family album is going to be the 'be all, end all' present for her. Hopefully! So in an effort to rationalise pages, I've decided to put our 21st birthdays on the same page. Can you believe there's only 3 years between photos, my brother went through a bleached hair skinny phase. Me on the other hand looks like I was auditioning for Psycho the way I'm killing the cake with the cake knife.

Oh and if you could see the full length shot of my 21st outfit (which you won't! ha) It was all shiny all the way in 1985. Shiny electric blue shirt, shiny electric blue pleated skirt, white lace stockings with white shoes, pearls and a brooch. And I was HOT TO TROT !!!!


Credits here.

That's it from me, Sunday night is over and time for bed.


Bells said...

I would probably really enjoy idol but it clashes with my beloved Sunday night ABC viewing and I don't give that up for anything, even for sex on legs!

Bells said...

And how could I forget commenting on the electric blue outfit - hot or what!!

Margaret said...

I am sure the album is going to be lovingly leaved through many a time after Christmas, and shown to friends with a warm inner glow. Cheers

Lynne said...

It's hard to know what to do, isn't it?

Another great page. I'm sure your mum will be delighted with the album.

Chocolate Cat said...

Any step forward is a bonus with your Mum and maybe Trevors new stepchildren are just what is needed. I know with our Dad we were worried that Mum would always associate times of the year with losing him but eventually she could still be sad but look fondly on all the good memories and live in the moment and enjoy special celebrations.
LOVE the blue outfit, how sad that I didn't need a full length shot to know exactly how the white lace stockings and shoes looked!!!!!