Monday, October 15, 2007

Tuesday night

Taking a break from knitting, I do believe I'm starting to get a callous on my hand (aghast!!!). Lets blame Bells huh? It's all her fault, getting me gung ho into knitting again. Only kidding Bells, I'm loving it. My first grown up sock (albeit a small grown up sock the way it's turning out) I've rounded the heel and now going down the foot. I'm REALLY REALLY doing it!! dpns and all. Yay me.
Mike is in the bathroom soaking his bagpipes in the bath or something, I'm staying well away with all the cursing that's going on in there. We are going to a wedding on Saturday of one of his very best mates and Mike is piping. He's been practising tonight and well shhhh this can be our secret right, but he sounded like **** (bleep). I know he's started having the sore throat and all lately but he's just found out he has a leak in the bag of the pipe so for every breath going in one was rapidly leaking out. So it wasn't him after all. He's soaking the bag to try and find the air leak.
Sharon has a lot of goodness going into the shoppe at the moment, a really pretty quick page (can I say, I LOVE SEQUINS!!) and some really versatile vintage frames (loving the vintage too). Go forth and buy buy buy!

Available from pickleberrypop and this is what I did with it ...

And the really neat vintage frames again from pickleberrypop.

And this is what I did with the frames and other Sharon stuff. Another 'Things that Never Really Happened' (giggle). I'm laughing with you Sharon, not at you!! Truly.


Victoria said...

Ahh, bagpipe woes! My mother plays bagpipes off and on (mostly off). She played Amazing Grace when our cat died. I was so sad until she started playing and her playing made me laugh (she thought I was crying harder, which made her choke up and miss some notes, which made me "laugh" more). To this day I remember that moment as bitter sweet! I have a great photo of Rachel playing some kid pipes when she was about 3. I'll have to post them to my site so you can maybe get a laugh.

The new page is a riot!

The sock sounds like a labor of love!

Best of luck on finding the leak in the bag!

Bells said...

Callouses are good things! Toughens up the finger tips. :-)

You have to soak bagpipes?? Who knew?

ksharonk said...

I'm laughing too ... :)

ksharonk said...

PS ... ignore the 'plghfo' ... twas internet fairies, i believe. or perhaps a typing mistook! take your pick! ;)

Amandac said...

Love your new "things" LO Carol - you really do have a talent for wit! Can I admit that I'm not that good at map-reading either (I'll deny it in public though!).

I hope the bagpipe soaking goes well and that pesky leak is dicovered soon :)