Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I promised a story to tell

So here it is. Geelong Footy Club, my beloved Cats, the last time they won a Grand Final was before I was born. It was 5th October 1963 and the day my mum and dad got married.

Now you may very well ask why on earth would someone plan a wedding on Grand Final day, the day that stops the nation downunder. Well they didn't, it's usually that "one day in September" but that particular year something happened to push the Grand Final out a week. Ack! The day they got married.

Now my dad's side of the family were Geelong footy fans through and through, staunch supporters. My mum's side of the family were one-eyed Collingwood fans (who happened to be in the Reserve finals I believe that day). All during the afternoon wedding reception, dad's side of the family all held transistor radios to their ears to listen to the play. Hey! What happened to the bride being the centre of attention?!?!?!? Alas, not on Grand Final day.

So mum played second fiddle to the Cats that day, who won the Grand Final. She also spent a rather ... err ... romantic wedding night in a honeymoon suite of a motel watching the Grand Final Replay on telly!!

So one may wonder why Geelong has never won a premiership since that day? Some may say the nerves get them when they get into the big one. We all know differently now though don't we? My mum has put the mozz on them for the last 44 years!

So will 2007 be any different? Oh please please please let me see the Cats win the big one once in my lifetime, please!!! Stay tuned for Saturday.

So as I mentioned they got married on 5th October, so my brother who is quite impressed with my digi scrapping, thought we could put together a framed layout of the two of us for them for their anniversary this year. They don't have a great many photos, well decent photos anyway, of the two of us together without pulling faces or nudging each other or eyes closed, well you know the drill. Here's what I have come up with so far, I may tweak it a bit, but it's a start. Love all the frippery bits by Tracy, my newest favourite thing to play with.

Lots of goodies from Something Special by Tracy Ann (Something Green and Something Gold)
Brushware by Tracy Ann
Star sprinkle from Tracy Ann Frippery Trio
Vintage Photo Frame by Katie Pertiet
Font – Palace Script


Amandac said...

Hey Carol that is one great anniversary gift for your Mum & Dad! Lovely photo of you and your brother! :)

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Oh no, no no!!!! Am I wiped from your favourite gets busy for a little while and all of a sudden I miss your birthday...I am a cad...well actually, the good news is that i have gone over to the dark side, jumped on the bandwagon and taken the lid off-GO CATS GO!!! The other 3 in the house are all diehard cat fans, Essendon are out and who doesn't want to see the boys win the flag (oh, that would be the Port people, but we ignore Port people!!!)
Love your recent scrappings, the bro and you look cute!! Tracey

Donna Lee said...

What a sweet and thoughtful gift for your parents. I'll bet mom cries.

Victoria said...

The story of your parent's weeding and The Grand Final is so fun to read! I look forward to the answer to the outcome of this year's game. I wonder if a layout of your mom putting "mozz" on the team might be forthcoming?

Great layout of you and your brother.

Belanna said...

Well if that had been my mom, I can say without doubt that dad would have been out on his ear...but luckily my dad has never been that into sporting events! Your mum must be a real understanding and forgiving woman!

Great photo with your brother!
Cheery (again!)

Bells said...

Gorgeous story Carol. You know, I couldn't give a hoot about the football, but I get that you love it, so I am excited for you. :-)