Saturday, September 8, 2007

Eeeeek ... Christmas is coming!

Heck, didn't we just get over Christmas last year? LOL Someone mentioned to me the other day it was only 16 weeks to go. I didn't go check, but I'm assuming that's right. And me, the "Christmas Carol" personified, loving everything Christmas, I am so not prepared. I usually have my shopping fairly well under control by now (yes, I am my mother's daughter, she is already finished Christmas shopping, you can roll your eyes if you wish!!)

So with this talk of Christmas I walk through Target the other day and there it was, the first of the Christmas decos out!! Okay, so it was just their small stand of Hallmark dated decorations, but Christmas all the same. I've been collecting these dated decorations since about 1988, I figure when I'm old and grey I'll sell them all as a collection to fund my retirement, haha.

Now you think I'm an early Christmas organiser, well check this out ...

Unadorned Freebie by [ksharonkdesigns] from her blog right now!! (one week only)
Orange paper - Softly paper pack by [ksharonkdesigns]
Tracy Ann Take Two Photomats
Curled Edges by Anna Aspnes
Font - Yelly

So run, don't walk, to Sharon's blog Artistic Musings to pick up the Adorned freebie, which I used for a couple of the papers and the great ledger print. Available this week only so don't delay.

What fabulous textured paper and what a fun way to use Tracey Ann's photo mats. You can get them at her blog.

Off now to make the trek to Geelong to see mum and dad, helping them out with a few things today, I'll be exhausted by the time I get home tonight. I tend to listen to talking books in the car while driving to and from work or up and back to Geelong, so the trip today will go quickly as I'm really enjoying the book I'm listening to right now. Can't think of the name, will note that down and post later, but it's about a girl who fudged her way into a cook's job at the antarctica. It's really great stuff.


Tanya said...

Aw, how cute is that layout of Molly! I hope she gets what she wants for Christmas :)

Christine said...

Hey Carol! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about Kayla's layout. Your layout of Molly in the Santa hat is sooo adorable! I spared Kayla on her birthday but Halloween is less than a week away and I've been eyeing some doggie costumes, lol! Oh, she's gonna love me for that...especially if I enter her in a contest LOL!