Friday, June 1, 2007

Another week gone

How on earth does a week go by so quickly? I can't believe it was Monday I last posted. Good gracious.

It's been raining almost non-stop here. Weeds are sprouting up everywhere. And driving to work, oh it does you good seeing everything so green. So lush. I am not complaining (except of course if I get caught without my brolly!!) as we're in drought at the moment. Such a freak of weather after not much rain for a while.

First day of winter today though. So out come all the woolly coats and jumpers, and my darling friend Bells has given me a great beanie pattern, so I'm going to knit beanies for presents. Yes yes, though I will admit, I am a big ol' cheat. It's not using dpns. I am terrified of them and really just can't manage them, or at least not the casting on section. It just doesn't work for me, I don't "get it". I need another face to face lesson Bells!!!

So what's planned for the weekend? Well to be honest I think I'm going to go straight to heaven in the express lane when the time comes, after tomorrow! I'm spending the afternoon with my in-laws *AND* my husband's ex-wife plus my darling step-children. Does that send shivers up anyone's spine? I'm only kidding, we all get on very well. Step-daughter number one is turning sweet 16 so a family gathering is in the offering.

Okay, I'm mixing these about a bit, but here's another layout from my "Things that never really happened" series. Loving doing these, what can I say. I have a warped sense of humour! I loosely dedicate this to someone, she knows who she is!!!! LOL

So Lovely paper by Meredith Fenwick
Vintage Photo Frame by Katie Pertiet
Ledger frames by Katie Pertiet
Archaic Journal Tagset by Anna Aspnes
Stitches - Wild Stitches by Tabby Lewis and coloured stitches by Kari Q
Telegram - QOTC Goody Bag Kit by Krista Mettler
Fonts – Antique Typewriter and Suzie’s Hand
Photograph – Vintage Lady from Designer Digitals


Bells said...

Carol, carol, carol - the dpns are only needed for the last part, not the start of the beanie! I hate doing beanies that start at the crown too. I will get you over this fear. In the meantime, that pattern you've got is a good one.

I love that photo!! It makes me giggle.

Victoria said...

Carol, you rock! These layouts are some of my all time favorites! You are amazingly clever! You should submit this series to a magazine! I would buy it!

Have fun with the in-laws, or as we call them around here, the outlaws!

Thanks for providing, yet another, great belly laugh!

LVMommy22 said...

ack! in/out-laws are bad enough, but the ex-wife too?! you will definitely be in the express lane to heaven! i'll pray for your sanity!
:) M