Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My newest venture

So it doesn't involve needles, it has nothing to do with material, no hooks or yarn or tape measures in sight, no pricked fingers, no sore thumbs. But it does have to do with my other favourite thing - my beloved computer.


Now I must admit the thought of scrapbooking has been a passing fleeting thought. There was the Creative Memories party I went to where I dutifully bought all manner of things to get me started. That was about 6 years ago now and I've done one page. Bit of a slow starter out of the gates huh?

But some friends have been showing me some of their projects and I loved the whole idea of it. It really appealed to my perfectionist nature, being able to highlight my beautiful photographs and show them off just so. I've done 4 pages now, but some are a wee bit personal to put on here for the world to see, so I shall share with you the page I have done of my beautiful Molly (affectionately known to us as "Miss Molly Moo"). She definitely deserved a page all of her own I thought.

Incredible! Screws, paperclip and all, done by the computer. It blows me away how much you can do. So my pages will still be quite simplistic until I get a bit braver, but how much fun am I going to have!


Bells said...

hey that's fabulous Carol. Miss Molly Moo is very photogenic! I think you've done a lovely job.

2paw said...

Oh isn't Miss Mollly Moo gorgeous and what a fantastci name!! Very nice digital scrapbookin'!! I like your quilt too!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, I'll try again! yesterday your blog wouldn't let me comment!
I love this digital scrapbooking idea! I've never quite got into the real form but for a gal with 3700 photos on the computer this looks great. What's the resource or program that you use as a base? Ps, glad you liked my gratitudes.

ksharonk said...

Congratulations on coming over to the dark side of computer scrapbooking, lol. By the way, I am a former quilter turned digiscrapper, lol! :)