Saturday, January 27, 2007

6 Weird things about me

I have been tagged by Bells so finally, after due consideration, I have come up with 6 Weird things about me.

Weird thing number 1
I cannot walk barefoot outside, no way no how. Not on grass, not on gravel, not even on smooth paving. I could possibly walk on sand, but would much prefer thongs, and certainly thongs from the car to the sand. I know I am a sensitive soul, but obviously I have sensitive soles!!!

Weird thing number 2
I asked hubby if he could think of anything weird about me and he couldn't come up with anything. Does that mean I'm decidedly normal - which in itself is weird.

Weird thing number 3
I snort when I laugh. Yes I know lots of people do this, but I'm so bad at it I'm on rations at work. They count my snorts and I'm not allowed to go over my limit of 5 snorts a day. It seems most everybody at work knows this as if they happen to hear one they ask everyone else what number we are up to.

Weird thing number 4 - not weird about me but weird happened to me
My first sight of a willy - apart from my brother - was when I was in Grade 3 Mrs. Turner's class. I was about 8 or 9 years old. The boy I sat next to in class decided to show me his, we were in the back desk of the classroom and no one else could see. 'Oy, check this out' ... 'No' ... 'Awwww come on, have a look' ... 'NO' ... but I did peek and told him to put it away. Was that a rite of passage - my first willy - I don't know - but I know he felt superior having showed it to me and goodness knows how many others. Imagine years later in my 30's when a new person arrived at my work and was being showed around. IT WAS HIM!!!!! And I almost accidentally called him Willy, te he.

Weird thing number 5
I have been involved in 9 car bingles in my life. Now before you all run for the hills and think you'll never get in the car with me ever again ... a couple of these I wasn't actually in the car, but they happened to my car so in turn involve me. Truly I am a safe driver but I figure because of the amount of time I spend on the road then the average surely has to go up, doesn't it.

Weird thing number 6
I met my now husband on the internet. Probably not strange nowadays, but I still get greeted with looks of horror if the subject comes up in conversation with those strange non-computer type people.

Now because I have a serious lack of people on my list, I'm only going to tag Jess, because the other blogs I read the people don't really know me and then that would really be weird getting this from someone they don't know.

I will however mention a small weird thing number 7. The fact that I spelt weird as wierd all throughout this post and I had to go back and change them all!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Like I just posted-we need that Internet, you go girl!!
I would love to have been there when you saw Willy, the big one I mean. Oops, that didn't really come out right either. Let's just say, i would have loved to have been there when you met the adult willy flasher and we'll leave it at that. ps I don't like walking barefoot on concrete, it's like blackboards to me, but love the sand. Cheers.

Bells said...

something else we have in common Carol! The barefeet thing. I simply can't do it. I CAN walk on sand but it tickles a bit and I'm paranoid I'll stand on something sharp or squishy or whatever. So it's shoes all the way for me. Even mostly at home.

So did the Willy guy remember you??? And yes, that was a rite of passage. First willies always are, no matter the circumstances! LOL!

Bells said...

oh and my first willy, should you be interested, was when I went skinny dipping with friends when I was 11. I came up out of the water, rubbed my eyes and when I opened them, my friend's dad was standing just nearby in all his, uh, naked glory. I nearly died. Didn't know where to look, but was oddly fascinated, as you would be when you're 11!

Carol said...

Yep, the willy guy remembered me. Don't know if he even remembered the willy incident (and I wasn't going to ask) but he did remember me from primary school.

Polka Dot Bride said...
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Cinnamon Jewels said...

I apologise also- the deleted comments are me, its kinda close so i'm logged in under the other blog for updates a lot. SOrry

Cinnamon Jewels said...

ugh where did the first one go

It said I know you (I think anyway) but noone reads my blog :)

The Calico Cat said...

Oy, that willy story - I wonder if he had the shock of memory too?

I met my DH on line too...

Oh & I did the wierd thing early last week - I think.