Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hungry hungry hungry

I'm sitting here smelling the delicious honey soy chicken wings I have in the oven and getting hungrier and hungrier and contemplating ripping into the new raspberry Tim Tam packet taunting me on the kitchen bench. Shall I? Perhaps I'll wait.

With Bo not to be outdone, she now has a digi scrapbooking layout finished so best post it so hers is up on the blog too. Don't worry, I will do other layouts, they won't ALL feature the dog and cat! Oh and Tracey asked about what program I used - Photoshop CS2. Get into it Tracey and get those favourite photos scrapbooked - you'll get hooked, I promise.

Also, how is this for summer fruit. We had a nectarine tree out the back and it never did too good and the birds would get to all the fruit before us, so hubby cut it back really really hard last year. So imagine our surprise when this year we have an abundance! And the birds have left them alone. Probably due to Molly deciding to keep guard and doing her job around the tree very well!

Still awaiting the Minky I have bought from ebay so will be delighted to get Aliza's quilt finished and given to her.

And I've decided it's pretty good form being married to a nerdy computer loving man! Hubby put a DVD burner in my 'puter last night and a gazillion more gig. Yes ... life is bliss!

Now off to check that chicken...


Bells said...

Look at your nectarine tree! that's magnificent! No wonder you were looking around for recipes the other day. Wow!

Bo is so photogenic!

And yes, nerdy husbands are SOOO useful!

Clare said...

We had the same last summer. The Nectarine tree was innundated, but the fruit flies got to them before we could. It was the same with the cherries and the plums.

mejane said...

Wow! I am jealous of your nectarines :D