Sunday, January 21, 2007

Moving right along

Amazing what happens when you get straight into a project rather than after the initial excitement of picking colours you then let the material sit in the bag for a few days, procrastinate over this and that, finally get it out, make that first cut and then you are already over it. How many times does that happen to others? Or maybe it's just me and my insatiable need to keep starting things.

So I got to it straight away. Washed, dried, ironed, cut and already I have the top squares. Placed it all out on the bed last night and tried to make sure no colours touched or that the intensity was the same all over. Scotty gave his opinion and moved this and that too which was good having someone see it with a new eye and he's really good with colours (it's he that helps pick the border colours and thread for names for my Christmas stockings).

Here it is, don't worry about the hole in the middle, that's going to be the plain white one which will have ALIZA stitched onto it. And maybe the date of birth??? Not sure about that yet. I might just stitch that into a corner of the border.

Off to continue sewing. What a perfect Sunday morning. Raining outside, Scotty's still in bed, Martha is on the telly and sewing machine at the ready. PERFECTION !!!

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