Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sock wool ain't just for socks alone!

Well here it is, finally finished this trendy little baby jacket for a dear friend who has just had baby Darcy last Friday. Now Lord knows whether the baby will end up growing out of the jacket before we finally get some cool weather!! OMG I have never known it like this.

Anyway back to the jacket. It's knitted sideways. I love this yarn, I really do. And how cute and trendy is it? Wrap around with a button at the top (outside and inside) so it doesn't make the baby look like a sausage in a casing, te he. I am also putting little red socks (alas, they are bought socks, I CAN'T KNIT WITH MORE THAN 2 NEEDLES!! What a sad case I am) and a red singlet together with the present. Cute as a button gift for a cute as a button boy.

Still on babies. Hubby's best friend (well actually naturally it was his partner) had their first baby yesterday. Aliza. So I've decided to make a blankie for her. Firstly checking on the colour of their nursery (don't want to clash). So that's on the agenda for Saturday to go shopping for more material. Yeah right, like I *REALLY* need more??? Any excuse will do.


NeedleTart said...

Oh, but knitting with 5 needles means you let 3 needles just hang there and *you only knit on two*! Have faith, you'll catch on and you can make sockies to go with the cute sweater!

Bells said...

I love it Sapph! *squeals* Can I have the pattern? Pretty please. come visit. I'll get you knitting socks. Or I'll come visit you. I was like you, afraid, uncertain. then I saw the light.

But when I'm bored with socks and have more sock wool than I know what to do with, that is a jacket I have to make!

and have fun wool shopping on the weekend. Post photos!

Polka Dot Bride said...
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Cinnamon Jewels said...

I LOVE this kind of stuff! I know the mum will love it too! remember the girl who got a quilt for her wedding? it blew me away, this is the stuff that is handed down and full of memories. Well done!

(the above was me)

Thanks for commenting :)

Sally said...

That jacket is so cute.