Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I promise, there will be *other* photos soon

But whilst I have some willing subjects and whilst this new whizbang camera is lovingly drawing me in to play with it, I'm just shooting around the house. It was too darn wet over the weekend, and I'm too darn exhausted after work to go out looking for subjects. But I will.

Until then, here's my other girl, my beautiful Bo.

(Molly and Bo really ought to have their own blogs because they've kind of taken over mine!!!)
Now I promise, the next photo will not be of either of them, although I've decided I'd love to get into pet photography or at least take some nice nice pics of friends pets for them. I must get myself back to crafty type pics.


Bells said...

She is so beautiful Carol. Post all the pet pics you want...but I do really want to see your other work too!

Carol said...

Soon, soon! I'm sewing up a baby jacket at the moment. Mmmmm a baby jacket made with sock wool. Does that have you intrigued??? Pictures forthcoming once sewed.

Cinnamon Jewels said...

Lovely C, gorgeous eyes.