Friday, January 26, 2007

Australian's all let us rejoice

Happy Australia Day!!
The sky is blue, hubby has gone bush for the day trying to find that ellusive gold stuff! Leaving me to my own devices. I'm happy about that, I'm going to go off and take some photos and sew till my hearts content, with plans to watch the Davinci Code tonight on DVD. All is good.

How great does this sky look, taken oh, 5 minutes ago. It's a PERFECT day out there. Apart from Americans because I've been there and you can't go anywhere without a vista of the star spangled banner before you, but I wonder how many of us Aussies actually have a flag pole? We do. This flag pole is attached to hubby's shed, you can see it from up around the corner even. We alternate from this to the Scottish flag, I even had a Santa flag up at Christmas time.

Even Molly wanted to get in on the act today!

Have fun everyone. Lamb and lamingtons all round!


Sally said...

Love the flag, and it matches the blue sky. Hope you've had a nice day.

Bells said...

You're lovely Carol. What bright shiny photos!!! And Molly is such a beautiful girl!