Saturday, January 13, 2007

What a week

What a week we had.

Firstly bushfires near here. Very scary driving home and seeing flames in the trees about 500 metres from where I was. Scotty went and helped a dear friend on his farm who was battling the flames. He sadly ended up losing a third of his farm, but thankfully not the house nor the stock.

Then oldest step daughter had a very bad appendicitis attack and ended in hospital. She ended up getting it out yesterday and is now on the mend. After last night coming out of anaesthetic now that was scary. But she must be feeling better today as she's asked that no "oldies" visit her. She'll just play princess while all her friends come and pay homeage !! te he.

It's been a long week. But I'll finish on a picture I just took earlier on my way home from the supermarket. I think I may put it on my desktop. It will make me smile. Cows have a way of doing that don't they? You can't help but smile at a cow.

Now I must go find that yarn to sew up the baby jacket I had made. My friend had her little boy yesterday. Darcy !!

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Bells said...

Carol that is THE coolest photo. I love it so much. The colour of the cow, with the brown grass behind - it's perfect. You have a real eye!