Thursday, January 30, 2014

A great afternoon for running

What a day!  Can you just see by this pic why I looooooove doing my runs after work, along the beautiful Warrnambool foreshore, before I head inland to my very dry dusty little town.  There is NO comparison!  There's a fantastic two way path running from the pier around the coastline past the surf club to Granny's Grave.   People are really courteous.  There are bikes and skateboards and roller skates and runners and walkers and people with prams, and surfers heading down to the shore, and water fountains at some of the vantage point.  The council certainly have looked after the people here.

The sea is there, it smells fresh and beautiful.  But today yes there were flies.  Oh God!  I snarfed one I swear it hit the back of my throat as it flew straight in my mouth, and all I could think of was I hope it hadn't just been in a rubbish bin, ewwwww!

This is the face of happy!  Bird's nest and all !!

I had gotten myself into a little pickle recently, the lass who lives up the road is starting at TAFE and I kind of got rail roaded (because of my inability to say no) in driving her in and out each day to school, my 50km drive to work.  My drive is my quiet time, I can listen to music, listen to my podcasts, plan my day.  And then I thought of my afternoons after work, my runs! my gym!  This picture below is what wipes away any frustrations I've had during the day, I go home HAPPY.

I had mentioned to the mother that I was very ad hoc with my times going home of an evening, some days it was 4.30, some days it was 6pm, depending on if I ran or met friends after work for an activity.  She said "no matter, I'll get her to wait in the library for you".  Aarrrgghh!!!  

I stewed on it all night, and the next day I mustered up my new found courage and spoke to the mother, told her that I had been looking at my schedule and that I could certainly help and take her daughter in with me of a morning (the perils of living in a little country town is that there is NO - or very limited - public transport), but she would have to arrange someone else to get her home of an evening.  I didn't want her daughter to be hanging around waiting for me, and I didn't want to feel rushed in my evening activities as at times it was very ad hoc.  And you know what?  The sky didn't fall in!  The mother thanked me for being able to meet her half way and she would work something else in getting her daughter home of an evening. 

Now... onto to the Running Man!  After last night's efforts he floored me again and I was sitting in the lounge room just chilling and out he comes ready to hit the road again.  And I just know you wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it - shirt tucked in, belt on his canvas shorts!!!  He actually put his woollen beanie on until I swiped it off his head.  Hamming it up for the camera here!!

But true to his word, he really did go running, off he goes up the street, and it wasn't under the cover of darkness tonight.  He did a kilometre again, came home and complained this time about his ankles and shins, yes yes, he is visiting Athletes Foot with me on Monday, but ever so proud his Runkeeper has clocked another kilometre.  

I am so freaking proud of my running man!!!!

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Lynne said...

The coastline looks fabulous.
The grass under Running Man's feet doesn't look like a dry and dusty town!
I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself -- always a hard thing to do!
Did you see I have signed up to the 1000 mile challenge for this year? I'm falling behind by only doing 5.5km five times a week but I hope to get some longer walks in on weekends when the temperatures drop mid-year.