Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday catch up!

Summer has arrived ... at long last!  So nice to be out and about in shorts and t-shirts.  This weekend has been just lovely.

I've well and truly recovered from the Surf T Surf so that's a good thing.  However now my mind is going to the half marathon I've gone and signed up for.  There's a few activities and fun runs before then, but I know I really need to get the miles in my legs now.  So I got up yesterday morning wanting to put in a good training session.

It was a perfect morning on Saturday, the sun was under cloud cover, I was out early and ran the perimeter of town, then did a fair bit of zig zagging on our side of the highway up and down streets, and then the magical km mark passed and I ran it home.

My longest run to date :   13.2 kilometres !!!    Slowly slowly building.  

Not only that but I got set on by two very exuberant dogs who wanted to come running with me.  Two golden retrievers (or hairy labs).  They were harmless and wanted to play and were trying to jump up and one scratched me down the back of my leg, only a wee 5cm or so, but lucky I didn't have my very expensive 2XU compression tights on, or I'd be chasing those darn dogs.  

Although these two were harmless it is one of my big bug bears in this town, and probably many towns.  Too many roaming dogs, or if not roaming, the ability to just run out of their yard.


So I've been back on the December Daily band wagon, need to get this album finished so I can start on my next project - my USA album and the start of a baby book  :-)    So here's another five pages to thrill and amaze you! ha.  YOu know even though these are simple pages, they're still taking me an age to do!

Righto, there's washing to be taken off the line, dinner to be made and knitting to be done!  Have a great week.

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Lynne said...

Knitting? Did I read that right? LOL
Would that be baby things?