Saturday, January 4, 2014

Surf T Surf tomorrow

So tomorrow is the Surf T Surf in Warrnambool, a completely wonderful fun run on the coast.  We have a stack of our local Warrnambool & Surrounds 12wbt crew running or walking the 3km lap of the lake, the 6km or running the 10km.  I think at last count there were 23 of us down in one of the events.  Plus I have a stack of my workmates running too.  So I'll be getting support from every angle.

It's such a feel great event, a real carnival atmosphere.  Although the weather forecast for tomorrow is windy with showers and 80% chance of rain!!!!!   Not good.  It's a hilly course so if that's not enough, having to battle the elements, yuck.  But my nerves have lead way to excitement now.  I can't help Mother Nature.  It will be what it will be and I won't be the only one getting a soaking or a buffeting.

This is my second 10km fun run (the first being the Dunkeld race back in October), so I'm super excited.  Especially now that I ran the course last weekend, so I know where all the dreaded hills are to reserve a bit in the tank.  Who knows how the day will go, I just know I'll have fun with my friends.

Mike did quite a bit of carb loading tonight, in preparation for his crowd participation.  Well the camera is heavy yanno!

So let's see:
  • Race gear - check
  • Non-wedgie knickers - check
  • My favourite socks - check
  • Body Glide - a must - check-a-rooni
  • Timing chip attached to runners - check
  • Camera charged (for Mike) - check
  • Playlist specially made and loaded on the iPhone - check
  • Dry clothes for the end (if necessary) - grrrr - check
  • iPhone so I can stalk Steve Moneghetti for a photo afterwards - did I say that???

I think I'm just about ready.  Funny about the playlist, now that I am liking the whole running with music thing.  I decided to put some more pieces on my iPhone today, so we found a site and it lists songs with the beats per minute (and the associated time per kilometre it equated to).  So in his efforts to find me some more pumping songs, he was heading his way down the list and listening to snippets.  He'd press play, then run on the spot in the kitchen to see how it felt.  It was hysterical.  My friend Myra dared me to get him to run to "I'm every woman".  Should have had the video out for that one!

So all good, early night tonight.  I'll catch you on the flip side!

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Lynne said...

I wonder if wet and windy is better than hot and stinking humid like w're having here? Or the 40* plus they had in Brisbane for the tennis yesterday? Best wishes for your race and recovery (and in stalking SM)!