Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No more!

Okay, here this, no more funerals, not for a while please.  The past two days have been tinged with such sadness for my friends.  Tuesday's was a lovely intimate service, beautifully done, celebrating the most selfless of men completely loved by his close knit family and the community.

Today's service was huge, probably about 200 people in a little country town north of here, the small church only held family and close friends (the family is very big, six children, grandchildren and great grandchildren).  Thank goodness we were classed as close friends and got to sit inside the church as the flies outside were in their multitudes.  They had seating outside and standing under the trees with a speaker relaying out there.  It was a beautiful sunny day, but it wasn't horrendously hot and a lovely breeze.

After the service we headed for the cemetary just out of town down a long dirt road.  This is the view looking out from the cemetary.  What a beautiful place to lay down for a final sleep, in Australia's beautiful gold land.

Mike did a lovely job piping at the gravesite too.  Something about the pipes at funerals, it's haunting.  He also tried out his new Ghillie shirt and black socks, rather than the stiff shirt and tie and cream socks.  I think it looks great, casual and yet uniquely Scottish.  I had worried when we bought it that it would be reminiscent of Seinfeld's puffy shirt, but not so.

Okay so no more funerals, that's it for a while at least.  RIP Mr. C and Mrs McD.  We'll make sure your daughters are looked after and always loved by their friends.

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Lynne said...

The cemetery where my dad is buried looks very similar. Small town, north west NSW, population 1300. *hugs*