Saturday, January 25, 2014


I'm very lucky in this little town, there's four of us, our husbands all know each other from lodge, and we are a life support to each other.  If one of us is down, we just send a text ... "dinner, movies, need rescuing" and we're there like a shot.   Each year we head away with each other for a weekend break, just the girls, no husbands or children allowed.  We rest and laugh and recharge and it's wonderful.

Love these girls lots.  Particularly when I moved here to town, I already knew them through Mike, but they embraced me, despite the fact I don't have children like theirs all did, which was another piece of common ground for them all associated with the same school.  And that I worked 50 kilometres away so at times would not see them for weeks on end, particularly in the winter when I slept worked came home ate, slept and did it all again.    But still they embraced me.  It's a wonderful group of wise beautiful women who I love.

So knowing that one of our group was hurting as her dad had an aggressive cancer found out just before Christmas and him going downhill very quickly.  Mid January her family was doing a bedside vigil just waiting, it was terrible for her.  

During the week I got a text message from her and before I opened it I said to Mike, "get ready, this is from J, it will be about her dad".  I opened the message to the shock that J was telling me that one of the other ladies in our group had just lost her mother, unexpectedly.  I was not ready for that news.  That was a shock.  Our thoughts had been to J, and now were flying to M.    

Then not 8 hours later another text came through that J's dad had passed in the early hours.  This is too much to bear with our little group.  I am so sad for these two beautiful women who have lost their last remaining parent, and my mind turns to the two funerals I will be attending next week a day apart.

So I don't know what the point of this post was, just to be kind to everyone, you just never know when the day that is dawning before you is the last.


Lisa Beth said...

Lots of prayers for your friends, and for you as you continue to be a good friend to them. {{hugs all around}}

Lynne said...

Carol, I am sad for the pain you must feel on behalf of your friends. Hold them close, cry when they cry and just be there for them -- as I know you will.