Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A funny thing happened to me last night...

I did a rather interesting thing on the way home from work yesterday.  I parked my car at Terang and decided to run to the next town and back, just for something to do.  Crazy much?  Yep.  So 6 kilometres to the town of Noorat, and then 6 kilometres back.  Actually sum total was about 11.95km so I did a lappy of the car park to bring it up to 12km, it just sounded so much better!

Cool map huh?  Running from one town to another.   Plus you run on a bike/walking path the whole way so you're not on the road, big plus!  Grass/hay was cut nice and short away from the path (we're out in farmland here you know) so snakes if there were any would be easy to see if they slithered across in front of me.  Don't you worry, there would have been an Olympic like sprint if that was the case, I've only come across a snake once during my run and I think I scared it more than it scared me.    Also big shout out to the Lions Club, or it might have been Rotary that has installed a drinking fountain half way through this run.  

My hair scared old people and small children!!  Actually when I did the selfie, it scared me no less!  Ick, birds nest!!

Not to mention it scared the cows who ran away frightened ... or I like to think I may have inspired them and they've taken up the sport of running too!  They took one look at me and they were out of there!

Between my dishevelled look and my running style with my crazy waving arms swatting at flies it terrified them. Ha.

So what's my next hairbrained scheme, considering my legs last night ached all night.  Well I'm meeting a workmate after work and we're tackling the largest hill in Warrnambool.  Last time we did it twice, which was on Christmas Eve.  Anyone want to think we'll aim for three times this time???!!!  Hmmmm.  I'll hobble back tomorrow night and fill you in.

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Lynne said...

I knew you were about to get serious! Good on you!