Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hot !

Okay, please remind me who was it that said hurry up Summer and come?    Oops may have been me!  Next time please tell me to beware of what I wish for!

Victoria is copping it at the moment and to be honest, I'm done with it.   This week in particular it has been day after day of 40+, reaching 44 degrees today so said the lady on the weather on TV.   That is 111 F for my overseas friends.  That's a freaking oven!  And where we live inland from where I work on the coast, it's just stifling.

The menagerie have flagged fast.  Poor Molly just lays on the slate floor and sleeps, drinks, sleeps, drinks.  At least we have the air conditioner and the room is cool for her.  Lucky has his moments, I've set up the clam shell pool for him and he bounces in and out of that with his ball.  Molly is a disgrace to her breed, aren't labs meant to be water dogs?  She hates the water, won't go anywhere near the clam shell, we have to physically pick her up and put her in for all of five seconds before she's out of there.  So I have to follow her with the hose and give her a sprinkle.  Her black fur just radiates the heat.

So funny tonight, the sun was going down, we were on the shady side of our lawn and sitting outside trying to catch a bit of a breeze.  Lucky had been playing with his ball in and out of the little pool.  And Bo Bo came looking to see what we were doing.  So I picked her up and paddled her paws in the water.

Note to self :  DO NOT TRY THIS AGAIN.

Owwwwwwwweeeeeeeee!!!!  Silly girl, I was only paddling her paws.  She gave me a scratch.  Ouch.

My thoughts are going to areas north of us who are battling bushfires at the moment.

A little snippet from the Emergency website tonight.  All those fires and alerts.

Stay cool friends, and amen to the CFA battling those fires.

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Lynne said...

Looks like NSW a couple of months ago. Hope the cooler weather has returned now!