Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thankfully cooler

Thankfully on Saturday the weather abated and it has been just lovely and cooler of a night which means blissful sleep!  It's still sunny and lovely out there but it's weather that you can live in, not the oppressive oven like conditions of last week.  Fires are still going up north, but the township of Halls Gap was thankfully saved.  Still scary scary stuff.

You can read more about the fires here, some absolutely incredible photographs on the Age website.  One of the scariest things was reading about was that the fire created a 12 kilometre high convection column and the fire was creating its own weather pattern which in turn triggered its own lightening which caused even more fires.  How on earth do the CFA fight a monster like that?

So we continue to watch the news and see the latest, and whilst the fire is still not under control, the CFA seem to be slowly winning.

Saturday morning I went out running and did a test run for the Licorice and Olives 5km Virtual Race Series.  Such a cool idea, read about it HERE.  I was planning a much longer run, but would pause my Runkeeper at the 5km mark to take a screen print and then resume it.  But I only managed another half a kilometre, I was spent.  I was thinking it was the toll after the past week of the heat and not sleeping, then thought better of it.  I was so relieved when I logged onto my running group site and found other local ladies were feeling the same effects and struggled running on Saturday too.  Yay, it wasn't just in my head.

We're down to double figures until the half marathon, 98 days to go, so I have to get the kilometres on the board.  I'm a long way off a 21.1 kilometre run, with my longest non-stop run only reaching 13.2 kilometres.  98 more days to train!

This afternoon I have scrapped up a storm trying to finish this December Daily album.  I have the pages ready, the journalling done, the photographs selected, it's just the mucking about embellishing the pages.  I love a good project like this with a beginning and an end, but my goodness I am ready to move on so want this done.  Here's some more pages to show you.

Should be an easy peasy dinner to cook tonight.  Everything is already chopped and ready to go.  Ha!  Last night I was ready to make Penang Chicken (a la the 12wbt super yummy recipe) and I had chopped everything ready to throw together, and alas, went to the fridge to get the red curry paste, and what was left in the jar was as hard as brick bats!  Hmmm, after 6pm, the supermarket was closed.  So it was pop the chopped veg and meat in containers in the fridge and it was off to the pub for us for dinner last night!  

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Lynne said...

Ooo, I think your training is going to get serious! I have registered for the 1,000 mile challenge and up to an average of 5km walked a day so I'm pretty pleased!