Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dare I say ... heat wave!

I don't know if a couple of days in a row qualifies, but I feel like we're in the middle of a heat wave.  I really do sound like I'm whinging don't I?  Oh well, whinge away I say.    Man, it's suffocating out there.  It says 37.3 C (99 F)  on the Elders weather site, but if feels way hotter.  Probably because of the wind.  Mike has just come home from band practice this afternoon and he looks like he's done 3 rounds in a boxing ring!

And of course I planned on a roast tonight for dinner and have just popped a rolled beef it in the oven.  AM I NUTS?  Probably.

I had bought some plants on Friday after work, went to Bunnings and came home with a mega punnet of miniature snap dragons (have had great success with them in the past) and a lovely blue star kind of flower.   I bought five of them to plant at various intervals in the flower bed.   So pretty.   Just popped out to check the tag, they are called Astra Blue.    Although I'm keeping the plants watered in their pots, it's been to hot to actually plant them.    Once the sun goes down and the shade is on that side of the house I'll pop them in.  Don't want to kill them before I actually plant them!

I played along with the Saturday Scraplift at Designer Digitals this week and came up with a facing Boxing Day page for Miss T's future album I'll make for her.  I had to make the photograph B&W, we had a hot pink and a emerald green bon bon hat on our heads respectively, looked a bit off on the page.


Righto, now I've posted, I'm off to go pop my head in the fridge for a tick! ha.


Lynne said...

We actually saw some sun today - it feels like the first time this year!

Polly said...

I just love snapdragons, they make me so happy.

amson said...

Still overcast and raining here but oh so humid. I feel like a wet rag. The house carpets are smelling. Am I also over Summer! Your Australia day sounded fun. BBQ in the rain here...

alexa said...

Envying you the heat. It's minus six here. That's lovely page - the black and white is a great idea.