Saturday, February 4, 2012

Can we say pathetic !

I want to start off this blog post with a photograph, it will eat at your heartstrings, it will make you just want to pick him up and cuddle him, it will make you go awwwwww.   Do not be fooled !   It started off with a hurt paw, have no idea what he has done but it's not sore to touch, he lets me feel him all over, so there's no broken bones, sprains, etc.  There's no blood, cuts or the like.  He has been out of sorts, turned into a little loner there for a while, but now ... hmmmm ... now I think he's playing on it.  All the sympathy and love and hugs and kisses I have been showering on him and he likes it.  He knows with one little limp, one little lift of the paw and his soulful sad little look and I'll come running.

I'm a wake up to you now Lucky Boy !  Move over Red Dog, I think we have another acting dog in town!

Well this past week has flown by with a blur and here we are in February already, how on earth did that happen?  I got my hair cut and coloured today so feel quite on top of the world, and treated myself to lunch in my favourite cafe.  

I came home and decided it was too hot to do housework, but did run a broom over the floors, very quickly.  Mike is up bush chasing the gold so he will come home hot and bothered later on this evening too I bet.    Right now I should be working out something to cook for his nibs when he comes home, but sooo tired, might have a wee kip first.  I'm really not enjoying summer this year, as you can tell.

On the scrapping front...

In my rush bid to finish my Book of Wisdom, I haven't yet had a chance to scrap the photos of my fabulous weekend in Melbourne with my bestie which we had early December.    This will go down as one of my favourite ever pages I think.

Righto, cup of tea time I do believe.


alexa said...

This brought a smile to my face! I love the sentiment under the photo. :)

Lynne said...

We finally had some sunshine yesterday and the temperature went over 25°C! Hurrah!

Keep it up Lucky - you could be star some day! LOL

Polly said...

Seems lucky is one clever little puppy!