Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday night

What a boring blog post heading!  I sat here, fingers poised, ready to type and nothing came to mind, except ... Saturday night, cause that's what it is.   Mike is working on his website, I've been scrapping, dogs are snoozing on the floor beside both our chairs, the cat is curled up on the bed, and all is right with the world.

I've nearly finished showing you this trip through the last twelve months and what caught my fancy each week.  Here are November's offerings.




Credits Designer Digitals.

About that first page, the photograph of the clothesline.  I changed history there!  Hang on, I'll back up a bit.  There's a fellow I work with and he gets so mad when people photoshop photographs, enhance the colour, take out a powerline, make it brighter, make it darker, smooth skin tone, that kind of thing.  He gets irate that we change history.  A bit of overkill, don't you think?

But I did change history in that photograph.  I photoshopped out my knickers that were hanging on the other side of the line.  I don't think either this blog, my Gallery, or the world wide web were ready to see those bad girls!


alexa said...

Glorious photos again - I especially like your round cat in square basket and the table runner one is full of brilliant colour and energy. I think you're entitled to photoshop out intruding bits. It's not like your changed reality: this is what the runners would have looked like if you'd snapped when your knickers weren't there. I think that's different to altering someone eye or hair colour!

Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like a great Saturday night to me! I had dinner at Catalpa which was nice. There are times when photoshop is necessary!!! Have a look at my post for yesterday to see how i upset my family!!

ksharonk said...

This is SUCH a beautiful series of photos, Carol ... I am really enjoying revisiting them!
PS ... I would have 'edited' my knickers off the line too!!!

Polly said...

So many times I have sat here with my fingers poised and get nowhere, it is such a frustrating feeling isn't it, and I certainly would have edited my undies too. Most of mine aren't in any state for sharing!!

Lynne said...

I said to my DD and WM yesterday morning: After such a long post on Friday, I have nothing to say on my blog today". Their response: "Write that!" OF course, I chose not to write anything!

I love your photos, the captions underneath and the little quotes you use alongside.

esther_a said...

So I guess your friend thinks you're going to go down in history as being knickerless! lol!!
Stunning photos! Do you see your photography improving all the time?!