Monday, January 9, 2012

There's a moose loose in the hoose

And I am NOT impressed.  I hate mice with a passion.  I should have known.  Bo was sitting for ages looking intently at a corner of the kitchen and I thought then that she has seen something that I have missed.  Then yesterday morning out the corner of my eye I saw the scurrying.  Okay Bo girl, earn your keep.  But no, she hasn't caught it.   A few traps last night and this morning I woke to find a mouse.  Eeeeeeek.  Of course promptly disposed of by Mike, I wasn't touching it!  Yuck.

Shall set a few traps tonight in case it had a friend.  All's fair in love and war where mice are concerned I'm afraid.

Right, here we are knee deep in winter for the next lot of pages to show you.





I have sent this book away to be printed and am anxiously awaiting it's return, due any time they say between 16th and 26th January.  I'm so looking forward to it, so hopefully by the time I get through showing you all the pages up close like this, I'll be able to photograph the finished book in my hot little hands.

Oh dear, Molly is sitting on her haunches right next to me with her front paws on my lap and a pleading look on her face.  I do believe that is "Molly talk" for "hey can I have a treat please!"   


alexa said...

Beautiful photos ... I am fascinated by the reeds - they're needed for ...?

Chocolate Cat said...

I sure hope Molly got her treat! I don't like mice in the house either but apparently its the weather!!!!!

Lynne said...

So that's what Mike does working out there all day!

Love your photo of Molly!