Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recap of March

Gaaaahhh! I've just had a TV night tonight, watched three TV shows straight, started out with Four Weddings and ended with Criminal Minds. Couldn't be further apart huh? Had a big cry in Criminal Minds, now I feel overwrought. I get so involved in storylines, what a sap.

So the weather, thank goodness, was cooler today. Relief! Lets hope this lasts for a while. Although about 3am last night there was a bit of an electric show outside, lightening coming from all sides, Molly was beside herself. I can't imagine feeling such fear, her eyes were wide, her ears were back, she was shaking, trembling, drooling, all I could do was hold the poor old girl. She eventually fell asleep in the hallway with the light on, where she couldn't see a window so in turn couldn't see the flash, and I stumbled back to bed. Wrecked today!

So onto the pages of my Book of Wisdom for March. Enjoy.






Credits Designer Digitals.

Off to bed, lets pray for no storms tonight!


Chocolate Cat said...

I watched the first Criminal minds but went to bed during the 2nd one, hubby came up and said how sad it was...... LOVE these pages!! keep them coming!

alexa said...

I just love that page of the duck with that quote - brilliant!

Lynne said...

I love all the photos but my favourite was that first photo and its quote!

I stopped watching "Criminal Minds" - it haunts my dreams! I couldn't stand the spin off; can't even remember its name!