Sunday, January 15, 2012

And the best actor award goes to ...

After an early start this morning where we went across to Port Fairy as Mike was playing in the pipe band, we've come to a standstill this afternoon and had a bit of a cruisey one.  Mike has just finished watching a movie "Book of Eli" which got us talking about who we think is the best actor EVER.

That's a big ask.  Someone versatile, not typecast, someone who obviously is exacting with his/her craft, someone who strives for excellence, someone who you can really BELIEVE they are who they are portraying.  

So who would you nominate for the best actor ever?

For us, without a doubt, no ifs, buts or maybes, it's Denzel.  A man so amazingly brilliant in our minds, you don't even need to add the Washington at the end.  You know you've made it when someone can just utter your first name and you know who you are speaking of.  Except I guess I've never ever known anyone else named Denzel, but that's not the point.

Best actor ever vote from us = Denzel Washington.

Who is your pick?

And while I'm at it, how come we don't seem to use the word actress any more?  What's the deal with that?   I don't think it was derogatory, it was just a way of defining the gender.

So here we are onto the last month of last year.  My book of wisdom December pages. 




And a fitting finish, a last photograph of the two of us (taken by moi with my arm outstretched, shaking, holding my heavy big girl camera). A last photo for the last day of the year.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Hope you've enjoyed this trip through last year, moments that caught my eye, which made me want to grab my camera and record an image.  Esther asked from the last post whether I see my photography improving all the time.  This asked from the woman who does take a photo every day AND published them in a yearly album, one page one photo, and the albums are amazing.  As for me, not sure.  I guess with anything practice will always improve a skill or a craft.  I think I definitely see things differently now.  Look for odd angles.  Check backgrounds so that lamp posts don't look like martian feelers coming out of someone's head, that type of thing.  Although it still happens.

But having done this, I'm looking forward to a year with no specific projects, no album to complete.  I might do something at the end of the year, but I'm just looking forward to catching up with the photos I do have, and of course take a few more along the way!


Margaret said...

Gotta be Morgan

Lynne said...

Some more great photos Carol. "Actress" and other feminised forms of occupations have gone PC. I wonder what we should say in cases like "the stand will be manned" surely not "the stand will be personed"!
Can't think of "the best actor ever" - Meryl Streep would have to be up there; at least she's hasn't allowed herself to be typecast (I'm thinking Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Johnny Depp, John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Meg Ryan ... they often seem like they're playing themselves!)

alexa said...

I think these pages are glorious - and Mike clearly enjoyed his low-key birthday (belated good wishes!). I've enjoyed your little bits of wisdom along the bottom too and will be coming back with a pen and paper! I'd be nominating Meryl Streep: she can do any accent and get right inside a character you totally believe in.

amson said...

Love Denzel too! Best actor, not sure but certainly near the top. Wonderful pages Carol.

Fiona said...

My best actor=Robert De Niro
Best Actress=Meryl Streep

Fun thing to think about Carol!

Your Book of Wisdom is outstanding, you are an awesome scrapper, can't wait to see more of your pages in 2012!