Friday, January 13, 2012

The visit to the vet

I had a day off today so had planned a visit to the vet for the annual shots for the menagerie.  Now, stupid as this sounds, we have always taken them to the vet 50km away.  Don't ask me why?  Well actually I do know.  We had a bad visit to the vet here in town a long time ago.  It was the Easter weekend, Molly had cut her paw, I guess we had caught the crabby old man vet at a bad time, he'd been out on some farm tending to a sick cow and then he was called in to see us.  He was so off-hand, no bedside manner, or kennel side manner (so to speak) and no personality and I took an instant dislike to him and never went back.

But he's long since gone and a young vet with his associates has taken over the clinic and well I guess time is nigh, Molly doesn't travel well, she gets very stressed in the car and when there's a vet only a block and a half's walk away it does seem a bit crazy to stress out driving 50km with the menagerie to see a different one.

So I bit the bullet and made an appointment, and I was honest, not about the crabby vet part, but that we'd been taking them into Warrnambool and it just seemed silly.  The lady on the phone was great, then she told me I'd get a discount if I had them all booked in together, could I bring them in at the same time?  To which I answered...


She laughed and said if we could bring the two dogs, take them home and then bring the cat in straight after, it could be classed as the one visit and we'd get a sizeble discount.  I'm not going to sniff at over $30 discount, so we did just that.

Well the vet we saw was lovely, just LOVELY.  Lucky took an instant shine to her and she was all over him.  Molly is very reserved in vet visits, and I warned her that unless totally necessary please don't take her temperature because our mild mannered girl will turn into the she-devil and you'll have to muzzle her.  But Doctor Sarah said there was no need to take her temperature so that was one relief.   It was a good long vet visit too, she spoke to us at length about Molly's age and caring for a geriatric dog.

We weighed her too, last time she was weighed at the vets she was 42kg.  Ouch.  Yes, that's just over 92 pounds my friends.  She's big boned, truly!   Well I'm pleased to say she came in at 36.8kg.  That's 81 pounds.  Way to go Molly.  Okay so she was moving about on the scales and Mike just picked a number as it was jumping up and down all over the place.  But I think we'll go with 36.8.  It's a nice number.

One thing Doctor Sarah did say was that Molly looks as if her vision is starting to be impaired.  Not to the point of bumping into walls and the like, but it was something she noticed in her eyes.  She said that dogs have good "maps" in their mind of their surroundings so she will be fine in our home and yard.

It does kind of explain some things of late - the night Molly went wandering out of the gate after midnight into the darkness - the fact she gets agitated in the middle of the night and starts pacing in the dark - that one morning I woke up and she was sleeping in the passageway bathed in the light shining out from the bathroom that we had left on for her - and now that we are leaving a light on at night she has been completely content to sleep through the night.  Interesting.

Didn't mean to speak so much about the visit today, but it was a good visit and these are my babies.

Onward to last October's photos from the Book of Wisdom.





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Mike is a bit miffed at the moment, no reply from His Holiness.  Err honey, did you really expect one?  And now we open the local newspaper today and find out that the really amazingly wonderful Catholic priest we have in town here is being moved to another Parish way up woop woop.  What a loss to the town.  Mike, I really REALLY hope your letter didn't have anything to do with it, annoying the big guy.


Lynne said...

I doubt His holiness even saw the letter - if it has even arrived yet!

I'm glad the vet visit went well - so much better to have a local you like and trust.

Fiona said...

It makes such a difference when you get a supportive vet, glad the grumpy one has gone - no letter about him staying from Mike? - kidding! The new vet sound lovely, it's nice that she spent so much time over her new patients and the discount was none too shabby either!

Calico said...

A good vet is as important as a good pediatrician. We had a great one, too...expensive, but so it was clear he truly loved and cared for animals. So glad you found one close by.
I have to say your book you've been sharing is an absolute treasure! Your photos along with the inspirational quotes is worth publishing! Good for you, Carol!

Chocolate Cat said...

Yep it looks like Mike is to blame!!! Our old girl Jess was only any good with female vets, bit any male vet that came near her!! Luckily in her final days she was able to go an all girl vet clinic. I think with moving a good vet is as important as your hairdresser, dentist and dr!