Wednesday, January 11, 2012

He's at it again

Mike that is.  After his correspondence with that head honcho from Telstra, he feels he had a victory, a $10 win at that.  So he's looking further afield.   The other day he announced to me that he was going to write to the Pope.

Righto.  Nothing surprises me any more.

So that he did.  After not being able to find an email address, which kind of didn't surprise me, he sat down and wrote a snail mail letter.  About Father Bob.  Well power to you Mike.  I guess if you are a member of the Catholic Club, you ought be able to write to the CEO of the organisation.  You are one of his flock after all.

Long story short to those not up with the story ... Father Bob is one of those priests you either love or hate.  Mike happens to think he's right up there with Bob Katter (okay, so I admit, there's no accounting for taste).  He loves that Father Bob tells it like it is.  The fact that the Catholic Church is forcing Father Bob to retire is a bit sad, he's obviously still vital in his role, I understand there's standing room only at his sermons.    There's a story about him here at The Age if you are interested.

So Mike decided to tell it like it is to the Pope in his letter, which he posted last week, and reminded His Holiness that he himself is actually older than Father Bob, and he hasn't yet been forced to retire.   Oh dear.  Mike darling, I fear you will not win your $10 here so easily!

So now I'm into September, spring has sprung, in showing you the Book of Wisdom pages.





Credits Designer Digitals.

 And with that, I'm off to bed. I have Friday off this week as an RDO, so tomorrow is my last day of work. Yay.


alexa said...

That's a super photo of the snail, even though s/he is so unwelcome - and I love your quote for it. Hopefully the CEO will send something nice to the junior in the ranks who spoke out!

Lynne said...

It will be interesting to see what comes of this letter writing!

Chocolate Cat said...

Good on you Mike! I was most disappointed with the letter received yesterday from a major supermarket after I wrote to complain about a product, maybe i need to employ Mike!! Enjoy your day off Friday. Each month's photos I think are my favorites until you post the next months. LOVE the blossom!

Fiona said...

That's a BRILLIANT story about Mike writing to the Pope ROFL!!! WTG! LOVE, love your book Carol - have I said that before? I'm sure I have...Love ALL your books!